12 sporting films to watch in this Lockdown!


This movie showcases the exploits of one of the greatest footballers ever to play for the English national side, Jimmy Greaves.

The documentary comprises rare archive footage and interviews with various legends of the game.

It’s a story of the rise, fall, and resurgence of the highest goal scorer of English top-flight football.


Bryan Fogel, the director of this Netflix original, had contacted Grigory Rodchenkov, the head of Russia’s anti-doping labs for helping him with some information.

But what followed was something that no one had expected. Rodchenkov disclosed that he was a crucial member of the state-sponsored doping program.

And eventually, let out the surprising details regarding it in front of the whole world.  This marked eccentricity of Rodchenkov followed by an international scandal is nothing less than a box-office thriller.

The Keeper 

This is a bit melodramatic but fairly good movie based on the legendary Manchester City goalkeeper, Bert Trautmann.

Also, it features Harry Melling, the famous Dudley Dursley from the Harry Potter series, in a grown-up role.

Diego Maradona

A must-watch for all the football lovers out there. This movie by Asif Kapadia focuses on the legendary Argentine midfielder’s time in Napoli.

It covers his best and worst periods alike, from his arrival as a hero to his departure as a shadow of his former self.

And everything including his association with cocaine and the Camora has been described in a detailed manner with backing footages.

The Edge 

The story of the English test cricket team and its journey to the top, under Andrew Strauss and Andy Flower.

It has visuals of Anderson running on a beach, half the team taking a bleep test, Trott jumping into a water tank in his uniform; making it compelling, funny and emotional all at the same time.

Also, footage of team bonding, Flower’s morale-sapping, the dreadful trip to the Bavarian outback, can be seen.

OJ: Made in America

This is a remarkable documentary in all senses and Ezra Edelman has done an outstanding job.

The infamous murder trials make up only half the story which depicts the former NFL star’s rise to glory and the subsequent fall from grace.

It also does a commentary on the American take on race and celebrity.

All or Nothing: Manchester City

This takes a deep plunge into the Guardiola-era and gives insight into the various tactics of the coach.

The documentary further focuses on Mikel Arteta, the former assistant to the coach, instructing the players on making tactical fouls.

Also, the charming kitman Brandon Ashton can be seen making a star of himself.


An award-winning documentary about the legendary Formula One driver Ayrton Senna. Each frame trepidate onto the next, finally leading up to the Imola incident.

Also, the rivalry with Alain Prost is shown intricately along with his battles with the sport’s governing bodies over safety. But in the end, it’s a worthy paean to a true talent.


An account of cricket’s most infamous series involving the English and the Aussies.

This Australian miniseries dates back to 1985 and gives an account of England’s Ashes tour of Australia in 1932.

This series gave breaks to now beloved stars Hugo Weaving and Gary Sweet.


The finest of documentaries, this movie by Daniel Gordon is an account of the worst disaster in British sporting history.

It’s a definitive work on the horrific events of 15 April 1989. Testimonies from survivors, the victims’ families, and the police officers make this an agonizing but worth watching experience.

An Impossible Job

This is a tale of England’s failed attempt at qualifying for the 1994 World Cup under manager Graham Taylor.

The deciding match against Holland also resulted in Taylor’s resignation and is painful to watch.

Andy Murray: Resurfacing

This Amazon-exclusive documentary shows the former world no. 1’s battle with hip problems with him being on the verge of retirement.

This traumatic yet realistic depiction of the struggles of a star sportsman is unmissable. 


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