259 Covid infections detected today with tally reaching 6587 numbers. 66 inmates infected in DD Jail

UTTARAKHAND is witnessing rapid surge in Covid 19 cases for the last few days with more than two hundred n forty cases being detected every day, especially since the last two days, sending warning signals about the pandemic going haywire in case effective steps are not geared up to counter this pathogen on a war footing.

While the capital city of India, Delhi which has crossed over one lakh ten thousand numbers of Covid 19 infections it’s daily contractions have now started coming down restricted to about one thousand cases which earlier used to be over four thousand per day a week ago or so. Delhi has a population of nearly three crore.

But from Uttarakhand’s point of view, especially keeping in view the initial cases on a very low keel, the latest tally of 6587 infections have really send worrisome signals in the health ministry of the state including the CM’s office as the chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat personally monitor’s the Covid 19 situation n had been assuring the state citizens of his government doing its best to counter this pandemic to its best by updating n enriching hospitals with latest equipments n all anti Covid arrangements including excersing maximum restraints with closing certain cities n towns during Saturday’s n Sundays.

According to Tuesday’s latest health bulletin Uttarakhand detected 259 cases in a day sensitising n panicking the health department n people of the state as today’s figure is the maximum till date, never ever noticed earlier since March taking the state’s total tally to 6587 with total Covid fatalities reaching to 70 numbers.

However, out of this total number, about 3728 patients have recovered leaving the total active cases to 2759. But the worrying factor about these recovered cases is that they reoccur posing risk as possible carrier of Covid 19 if not taken adequate care in the aftermath of cure.

In addition to this, the recovery rate has also come down to 56 percent which two weeks ago used to be 63 percent. While 259 cases have been detected today the recoveries have been of merely 45 patients. About 3949 people were tested today n sample send ahead, with till date, out of total testings, 134376 people reported negative.

However what is bothering people is the fact that even in Uttarakhand Jails the prisoners are being infected of Covid 19 creating a chain infection. In Dehradun Jails too this pandemic virus has penetrated infecting 66 inmates n few in Nainital prison as well.

There is alleged apprehension of it being further spreading amongst the prison staff members as well. According to renowned social activist Anoop Nautiyal, Haridwar district has become a hot spot with least tests in the month of July.

He says that Hills of Uttarakhand are doing better than plains in terms of testing n contraction of infections.


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