Incredible Foundation to financially support n promote Uttarakhand artists during lockdown

During the prolonged pandemic lockdown hundreds of artists especially those solely depending on the promotion of Uttarakhand’s folk culture, regional songs , theatre, films, dances and dialects etc n this being their only source of earning have not only been in acute financial quandary but their families have also suffered immensely.

Several social organisations have come forward to help n encourage these artists in distress and Incredible Art and Incredible Culture Foundation (IA and C Foundation), a non profitable organisation is one of them.

Incredible Art and Culture Foundation (IA and C Foundation) is a not for profit organization engaged in the noble cause of promoting art and culture.

It helps and encourages artists, theatre activists, dancers, singers, musicians & actors by giving them a platform to exhibit their outstanding talents and earn their livelihood. 

IAC Foundation has launched an e-Manch called ‘PAHARI MANCH IN LOCKDOWN DAYS’ on Facebook and YouTube to help artists from far flung areas of Uttrakhand to see through the ominous times of Corona lockdown days.

The artists who participate in this e-Manch will be suitably compensated financially and their performances would be uploaded on this channel for public viewing world over.
‘PAHARI MANCH IN LOCKDOWN DAYS’ with its main objective and mission being to give a platform to the talented artists from the state of Uttarakhand whose other sources of income had dried up during the lockdown.

This way these artists would be able to perform and earn some money.’ Says Rakesh Bhardwaj a well-known musician and event organiser from Uttrakhand. He is also very closely associated with IAC foundation.  

Though several agencies and the state government have also came forward to help these artists, and Uttrakhand government has also announced some financial help . 

‘We at IAC Foundation feel that artists of our country and those from Uttrakhand represent a very healthy culture and tradition,’ says Rakesh ‘Our artists are incredibly talented and our theatre, folk dances, and music is extremely popular world over. Therefore, there is an urgent need to nurture, motivate and encourage budding talents within the state and the country.’

Lockdown had created a huge void as all social and religious performances had been banned throughout the state.

Overnight these folk artists in Uttrakhand had lost the only source of their livelihood. IAC Foundation led by its chairperson Rama Upreti immediately came forward to their rescue adds Rakesh. 

The moment they came to know of the plight of these artists, IAC foundation focused all its energies to find a solution to provide some engagement to these folk artists. They came up with the idea of this e-Manch ‘PAHARI MANCH IN LOCKDOWN DAYS’. The e-manch promised some engagement to all these artists and some finances for their performances to overcome the adversities during Covid-19..


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