1061 Covid 19 cases detected today with total tally reaching 27211 cases in Uttarakhand

The daily surge in Covid 19 cases in Uttarakhand, especially since the last three weeks in the range of seven hundred to one thousand cases every day and even more, as today, has really made the situation cumbersome with lots of people becoming carrier of the corona virus in areas densely populated.

Today’s health bulletin released in the evening has revealed that the state has detected 1061Covid 19 cases taking the total tally to 27211 with 372 mortalities. However, with 67.11% recovery rate the hilly state has 8500 active cases after 18262 Covid 19 patients were cured out of the total 27211 cases.

The doubling rate in Uttarakhand is 23 days while 77 patients have migrated out of the state. There have been 9879 testings today while 789 patients were cured during the last 24 hours.

The state’s total population is 1.15 crores and if compared with the population , the daily Covid 19 testings is too low. In all, total numbers of Covid 19 testing samples awaited are about 14000 numbers.

Sources reveal that after the relaxations there have been tremendous spike in Covid 19 cases with about 766 policemen infected so far with two Covid 19 deaths.


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