Uttarakhand films need a special impetus

The regional film industry of Uttarakhand is in doldrums with no impetus being accorded to the film makers and production houses including the artists willing to launch their regional films despite Uttarakhand gaining its separate autonomy as a state on 9th November 2000. Production and promotion of regional films is necessary for any state in order to propagate its healthy culture, socio cultural n religious heritage, traditions, ideals, values and budding artistic talents including the iconic figures having heathily contributed in the nation’s freedom movement, historic events, socio political n upliftment of the state n its overall development.

Regional movies n documentaries are also significantly contributive in eradicating the social evils, corruption and orthodox practices etc prevalent in the society. In the protracted freedom journey from the clutches of the neo colonial British before 1947, several stalwarts hailing from Uttarakhand have exhibited their valiant feats to free our nations from the foreign imperialist clutches apart from producing precious socio political gems who need to be highlighted by way of producing documentaries or biopic on their life history to acquaint our present and future generations about their ideals and brave actions.

Apart from this, Uttarakhand is full of serene natural beauty comprised of shining himalayas, enchanting Ganges with its tributaries, green jungles, pleasent weather and mesmerising scenic mountains enticing the nature lovers from all over the world. But despite all these natural God gifts the successive governments have not exhibited any special interest in inviting the filmakers to shoot in this himalayan state though have undoubtedly made lots of announcements regarding subsidies to film makers. But is it really getting translated into action at the ground level is a moot question.

However, the fact of the matter is that Uttarakhand can earn handsomely by nurturing n flourishing the film Industry in Uttarakhand which unfortunately is not the case with the policies related to films not being implemented at the ground level. The regional film industry is the worst sufferer having not been able to produce enough regional full screen quality films except negligible few, during the last twenty years which can be counted on tips with no fiscal returns.

There have been no documentaries by Uttarakhand government or its cultural department etc on Uttarakhand’s legends or iconic personalities like Chandra Singh Garhwali, Govind Ballab Pant or H. N. Bahuguna etc including historical legends inspiring our millions of inhabitants including the present generation who literally know nothing about them.

There are hundreds of CD films with no or little relevance with the enthusiam and spirits of film makers being discouraged due to the non cooperation n negligence of the departments dealing with providing subsidies or financial support in regional film production at the state level. It’s an open n unambiguous hard fact that majority of the talented artists, movie producers or documentary makers are in dearth of finance solely depending on the mercy of the state government.

It is high time that these highly talented regional film n documentary makers, artists and directors n the concerned fraternity are helped n encoraged to the hilt to ensure that Uttarakhand’s film industry progresses by leaps n bounds and the state as well. Special impetus should be exerted on Bollywood producers n directors to invite them to Uttarakhand to shoot here especially when Kashmir is strife torned n troubled with Bollywood completely devoid of attractive locations.

If possible, a full fledged “Film City” project should be launched inviting interested parties in order to attract film makers from various parts of the country in Uttarakhand enabling strengthening of its economy as well. 

What’s your take friends ?

The mesmerising colourful Pauri township( Above)


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