Uttarakhand topping at 23% among other states on unemployment as per CMIE report ?

According to the analytical study and the situation of the unemployment prevailing in some of the states of the country, as per CMIE n the graphic of Dainik Bhaskar, Uttarakhand seems to be on the top with even state like Bihar where lots of hue and cry was raised during the recently concluded assembly elections compelling both the major political combinations viz BJP JDU, VIP n HAM combine and grand alliance of RJD, Cong n left parties making it a major issue, is having 11.9% unemployment rate quite less about percent less than Uttarakhand.

According to the CMIE, Pudduchery has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, followed by Bihar with 11.9 % , Himachal Pradesh 12%, Delhi with 12.5%, Rajasthan 15.3%, Jammu Kashmir 16.2, Tripura 17.4%, Haryana 19.7 and finally Uttarakhand with 22.3% people being unemplyed, topping these states in the country.

What is surprising and shocking to note that in social media it is being claimed that during the current rule of the saffron party the present government has provided lakhs of employment to its populace but if we go by this picture portrayed by CMIE the unemployment scene in the hilly state is quite discouraging sounding rhetorical.

The assembly polls are due for 2022 in the initial months with hardly a year left and tge state confronted with the anti incumbency factor, likely to play an important role to give advantage to the state’s major opposition party Congress n a third political party AAP trying hard to emerge as a possible alternative with a regional outfit born several decades ago, called Uttarakhand Kranti Dal too making high strides.

Umemployment, had and is, as usual, been a a major election plank of all the political parties and as such if blown out of proportion as usually happens during elections, may prove to be a waterloo for the ruling politican dispensation in Uttarakhand.


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