75 INR COIN launched by PM MODI | World Food Day

Over years, economies have managed to produce sufficient food output and work in an advanced agricultural set-up. Though economies are being self-sufficient either by producing themselves or co-partnering with other economies,however with increasing populations,there has been substantial increase in food demand as well. This in turn has affected the food systems,environment and sustainability in ecosystem worldwide.

Pandemic has surely made all of us realize how important it is to look after our health and hygiene. With surge in the immunity building foods and supplements and people stock-piling groceries to ensure availability of enough food amid-st lock down,almost all pandemic economies felt a wave of food insecurity after observing consumer patterns. 16th October is marked by United Nations as World Food Day since 1979. The day is mentioned internationally as it marks how important it is to work on food security and revival of food systems across the globe.

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The theme this year is set up as :”Grow, nourish, sustain. Together. Our actions are our future.” The theme is very good in respect to how the year 2020 has been with Corona all over. It reflects how important it is to acknowledge basic needs in our life. In a year like this it is very important for us to understand the true importance of Food heroes like farmers and all those involved in helping us have food daily. We all must try our best by making healthier choices in food that do not hinder the food systems.
On this occasion PM Narendra Modi opened a door of blessings to the farmers of the nation -through 17 recently created bio fortified varieties of seven crops. He also commemorated coin of INR 75 denomination to reflect the 75th Anniversary of Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). Such commemorative coins are launched to mark respect to some a prestigious event.

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