778 policemen infected with Covid 19 with two deaths in Uttarakhand, Agri minister Subodh Uniyal in self isolation !

In Uttarakhand about 778 policemen have been infected with Covid 19 with two mortalities as revealed by the renowned social activist n former DG of 108 Ambulance service of Uttarakhand. He’s expressed his deepest condolences and paid riches tributes for having succumbed during the ongoing dreaded pandemic while in the line of duty safeguarding the peoples’ lives. The pandemic surge in Uttarakhand till yesterday evening was 25434 with more than three hundred fatalities but what is worrisome in the hilly state is that the spike in daily cases are regularly being witnessed showing little sign of being controlled. Several leaders of the state too got infected in the recent past with chief minister Trivendra Rawat going in self isolation after his OSD, driver n staffers were found detected with Covid 19.

The minister of tourism Satpal Maharaj too alongwith his wife former minister n other staff membets including his son n daughter in law were also infected n isolated in home after admission in AIIMS Rishikesh for few days. The state BJP president Bansi Dhar Bhagat MLA was also detected positive n went in home isolation.

About two days ago on 6th September the state’s agriculture minister Subodh Uniyal also went in home isolation for 14 days alongwith with his personal staff after his son n nephew were tested Corona virus positive. Few days ago a written instruction was also allegedly circulated in the MLA hostel precincts not to allow the general visiters coming to meet MLAs with grievances or personel works as there was a news that some people have been infected with Covid 19.

The situation in the state has infact worried one and all as the daily surge in pandemic cases is in the range of 700 to 900 n sometimes even more. However, the recovery rate in the state is 67.2% till yesterday evening with about more than 7 thousand active cases out of the total tally of 26434 Covid 19 cases. It has been observed that after the relaxation in movement of people and hectic business n office functioning restarted, the pandemic is increasing rapidly.

However, if we compare the Uttarakhand numbers of Covid 19 cases with other states they are quite minimal but from the state’s point of view the surge has been enormous. Hope the authorities concerned expedite their anti Covid regulations on war footing or say aggressively by penalising the law violaters n those not following the requisite norms of two metres social distancing, wearing of face masks, washing hands with sanitizers n soaps repeatedly n avoiding touching things while at home, at markets, offices or in the vehicles. The people especially the senior citizens n those suffering from various ailments ( comorbiditis cases) viz heart ailments, cancer, kidney complications n diabities etc should avoid moving out unless it is very necessary and the heavily congested areas should also be avoided at all costs fearing corona virus infections.

It may be recalled that in India more than forty lakh cases with massive detections every day have brought India in number two position leaving Brazil behind with America being the leader of Covid 19 with over two lakh fatalities.


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