AAP’S idea to contest on all seats n BJP state chief’s statement that Modi wave will no more fetch votes in Uttarakhand has activated Congress leaders to a great extent

The recent announcement by the national convenor of AAP n Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival regarding the party’s decision to contest on all the 70 seats of Uttarakhand and a controversial statement by the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party president Bansi Dhar Bhagat that the party in the state will no more be able entice voters in the name of PM Narendra Modi charisma in the forthcoming state elections in 2022, the main opposition party of Uttarakhand, Congress and it’s leaders viz former chief minister n AICC general secretary Harish Rawat n others have lost no opportunity to propagate that prime minister Narendra Modi’s so called political charisma is on incessant decline as accepted by its own president n that the saffron party in the hilly state is all set to lose the incoming assembly elections compounded with its non performance during its on going rule of three n a half year so far.

The former CM Harish Rawat n Vice president of state Surya Kant Dhasmana have expressed their gratitude to the BJP state president Bansidhar Bhagat for not only expressing his honest opinion that the saffron party is allegedly losing its grip in the hilly state adversely as PM Modi’s political charisma is on the rapid decline the government of the day has also not come true to the peoples’ expectation during its last three n a half rule.

This statement of the state BJP president has infact infused a new lease of life amongst Congressmen pertaining to the incoming Uttarakhand assembly elections which are due after one n a half years in 2022.

The Congress leaders of the hilly state seem to have come out of their political oblivion with new energy n enthusiasm after BJP state president Bansi Dhar Bhagat’s statement appealing the BJP workers to work among the electorates than to bank on prime minister Narendra Modi’s charisma as they are not going to fetch any vote for the party in 2022.

He catagorically said that since the saffron party has fetched votes in the prime minister’s name n image in two earlier elections then how long will they further exploit his name, fame n charisma. They should give up this false assumption n work at the grass root levels.

The media has blown this statement of the state BJP chief out of proportion not only affecting the BJP adversely but also sending a wrong signal among people of Uttarakhand thus boosting the morale of opposition Congress n other political outfits like AAP, say political analysts.

It may be recalled that in Uttarakhand there is a usual trend of the conscious state electorates going for change after every election alternatively irrespective of of the socio economic n political conditions in the state.

Since the formation of separate Uttarakhand state in the year 2000, 9th November alternative political parties ( Congress n BJP) has formed governments from time to time with the state witnessing 8/ 9 chief ministers with no regional party having its sound political say except UKD bringing merely one or two seats.

However, the fact remains that due to immense Modi charisma, the BJP has won the highest number of seats numbering 57 out of total 70, in the hilly state with previous Congress government loosing disastrously.

Even the then Congress president n chief minister of the state Harish Rawat had lost from both the assembly seats he contested from.

This happened for the first time in Uttarakhand’s political history that a sitting chief minister has lost from both the constituencies in a row.

Keeping in view the constant change phenomena in Uttarakhand in every assembly election, the current political dispensation of the state is therefore on a weak wicket n defensive mode n finds its chances of anti incumbency further surging ahead while the Congress party takes this opportunity as an advantageous factor.

However, if we assess n analyse the position of the main opposition party Congress in Uttarakhand, the party is undergoing intercine squabbles between former CM Harish Rawat n the present state chief Pritam Singh, former cabinet minister in all Congress governments’ that ruled the hilly state since the year 2000.

The party also lacks a charismatic leader n has not been a fierce political fighter against the ruling BJP to gain extra political mileage in the state.

Former CM Harish Rawat who has been appointed as national general secretary with the charge of Assam still eyes on Uttarakhand to become the next chief minister in the event of Congress winning at the hustings n therefore carries his own political agenda annoying the present Congress chief.

In addition to this, in view of the good friendship between the current CM Trivendra Singh Rawat n him, Harish Rawat too has not been a fierce political fighter to oppose the BJP government on various social economic n health issues especially in view of the ongoing Covid 19 Pandemic with surge in infections everyday.

If we look into the present government’s performance since the last three n a half year of its coming to power the unemployment factor, deteriorating health sector, widespread prevalence of liquor network in Uttarakhand against the wishes of the women community, the incessant enhancing fiscal deficit having crossed roughly more than fifty thousand crores with not so satisfying relief to the farmers, youths, students, women community n laxity in good governance etc are some of the main reasons which have turned people of state furious n annoyed to a greater extent.

The BJP has however, by officially declaring Gairsain as it’s summer capital has tried to appease electorates of the state but both the Congress n other regional parties want it to be converted to a full fledged capital not a partial one, thus not convinced or satisfied still.

The construction works of all weather roads connecting the four historic religious shrines including railway network from Rishikesh to Karnaprayag however will be some incredible achievements of the BJP in the coming elections of 2022 with Ram Mandir construction also adding to the saffron party’s above achievements during their tenure.

However, it remains to be seen whether Modi factor which has been highly instrumental in BJP winning both the state n national elections hands down, is able to maintain its winning spree in Uttarakhand or faces defeat at the hands of Congress at the hustings.

AAP which is emerging as a third political force in the state after UKD n other regional parties having failed to make a dent in Congress n BJP so far, has planned to strengthen their party at the grass roots though it seems to be quite an uphill task keeping in view the deep roots of both the national parties in the state backed by immense budget.

The Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival thinks of propagating the Delhi development model in Uttarakhand in terms of opening of Mohalla clinics at the decentralised level right to block n Gram Sabhas with free treatment n medicines in hospitals improvising them including surgeries for critical illnesses etc compounded with upgradation of government schools n overhauling the entire health system of the state.

According to sources orders for printing of lakhs of posters to waken the Uttarakhand people have already been given which will be pasted in every nook n corner of the state n thousands of AAP activists will be deputed in Uttarakhand from Delhi n other states to mobilise the electorates against BJP during n ever few months before the assembly elections. It hopes to bag few seats to start with so as to enable it becoming a balancing force in the formation of the state government with whichever party that secures maximum number of seats including using the social media on a wide scale.


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