Action against Priyanka Gandhi – politically motivated says Uttarakhand Cong. president Pritam Singh

The president of Uttarakhand Congress Committee n former cabinet minister Pritam Singh has criticized the union government’s decision to compel the Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra vacate her Lodhi Estate bungalow and termed it as a politically motivated action.

Releasing the said statement of Uttarakhand Congress president Pritam Singh, its general secretary and vice president Dhirendra Pratap said that it’s a well known fact that the Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi was alloted this bungalow in Lodhi Estate, New Delhi keeping in view her security perceptions, by the previous government but since now Priyanka has become too active, vocal and dynamic raising her voice of protest against the government on several genuine issues n grievances of countrymen, she has been targetted by the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party government and harrased off and on.

Criticizing the NDA government accusing it for harrasding n embarrasing the Gandhi family, Uttarakhand Congress president Pritam Singh said that this is the only reason that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is being embarrased by issuing her the final eviction notice despite the fact that she was paying more than the market rent of her Lodhi Estate bungalow alloted to her in 1997 strictly due to security reasons.

These Uttarakhand Congress leaders while strongly deploring the politically motivated actions of the BJP led NDA government  against the Gandhi family due to political envy has warned the government to desist from such actions to harm them failing which the entire responsibility of the negative consequences, if any, will be solely theirs.

It may be recalled that Priyanka Gandhi was paying Rs. 37000 monthy rent for her bungalow occupied in 1997 but after the withdrawal of her SPG security last year she has been issued the vacation notice as according to Urban development ministry she is no more entitled for this bungalow now holding Z plus , not the SPG security as the law says that only SPG security holders are entitled for such high profile accomodation.


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