Resp Soniaji, Aren’t you anguished by the treatment meted out to me by Maharashtra govt ? Kangana

The Bollywood actress and protagonist of saffron party, having been provided with Y catagory security by the BJP led government at the centre for which she expressed her gratitude to the union home minister Amit Shah earlier, has now targetted Congress president Sonia Gandhi after being incessantly harassed and her Pali Hill office damaged by BMC under the alleged instructions from the Shiv Sena led – SS, Congress n NCP government in Maharashtra.

Seems to be irritated and angered she questioned Congress president Sonia Gandhi through her two tweets this morning. KANGANA asked SONIA GANDHI: Respected Soniaji : Being a woman aren’t you anguished by the treatment meted out to her by the Maharashtra government ? Can you not request your government in Maharashtra to uphold the principles of the Constitution given to us by Dr. Ambedkar ? tweeted Kangana.

However in her earlier tweet while trying to shake up Sonia Gandhi’s inner conscience, urging to intervene and remind her about the alleged anti women attitude of Maharashtra government led by Shiv Sena her earlier tweet writes:

Resp Soniaji : You have grown up in the West and lived here in India. You may be aware of the struggles of the women. History will judge your silence and indifference when your own government is harassing women and ensuring the total mockery of law an order. I HOPE YOU WILL INTERVENE , said Kangana.

While lauding the Shiv Sena’s towering leader n founder, the father of the current Maharashtra CM Udhav Thakrey against whom she posted a vedio casting aspersions against him for damaging her office saying his GHAMAND will also be destroyed one day Kangana said in her another tweet : Bala Saheb was one of my most favourite icons, his biggest fear was some day SHIV SENA WILL DO GHATBANDHAN( ALLIANCE) and become @INC Congress. I want to know what would be his concious feelings today looking at the condition of the party.

This tweet of Kangana Ranaut obviously shows that by denigrating his iconic father’s wishes by way of colluding with Congress not only has Shiv Sena CM Udhav Thakrey belied his father’s wish by colluding with Congress but she has also tried to make mockery of the Congress party n it’s leader. She also posted the vedio of Bala Saheb Thakrey answering Rajat Sharma, Sr journalist’s questions in “AAP Ki adalat” to substantiate her contention about Thakrey feeling worried of Shiv Sena’s possible alliance with the Congress in future. This tweet was liked by nearly a lakh supporters of her and retweeted by 23 thousand twiteraties


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