Arnab Goswami assaulted, blames youth congress workers for it!

On Thursday morning, the Mumbai police arrested two people related to the attack on journalist and Republic TV’s Editor in Chief, Arnab Goswami, and his wife. 

The arrest was made after an FIR was lodged at the NM Joshi Marg Police Station. The charges reported were that of wrongful restraint and an intentional insult to provoke breach of peace under IPC sections 341 and 504, respectively.

The journalist has claimed that the Congress was responsible for organizing the assault. He floated a video message describing the incident. In which he mentioned that when he and his wife were returning home at around 12:15 am, two bikers attacked his car.

Initially, they tried to break the window panes, but when they couldn’t, they started throwing liquid-filled bottles in his car. Following this, he moved into his building.

Goswami further went on to claim that the two individuals who were involved in the act were members of the Youth Congress and have been ordered by higher party officials to do so.

Commenting on the Congress party President Sonia Gandhi, Goswami said that she is the biggest coward in the country. He said that she doesn’t have the guts to confront him personally and is, therefore, playing such cheap tricks. Also, he had held her and Robert Vadra responsible if anything were to happen to him. 

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The attacks happened only days after Arnab had claimed that it was Sonia Gandhi who organized the Palghar mob lynching incident.

He had made various allegations on Mrs. Gandhi, that she was happy about the Palghar event and gave the episode a communal angle. Goswami further had claimed that Mrs. Gandhi was against the Hindus and wouldn’t have reacted in the same way had the victims been Muslims or Christians.

In light of such audacious accusations, several complaints have also been reported against the TV anchor.

Also, various people, like Goswami, has tried to give the Palghar incident a communal angle.

However, the home minister of Maharashtra, Anil Deshmukh, has shared the list of accused people who have been arrested due to the incident. Of the total of 101 people arrested, none of them were Muslim.


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