Arvind Kejrival congratulates Delhites to have taken lead in starting Convalescent plasma treatment than America

The Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival is quite a happy man as what he did months ago in terms of opening plasma banks in Delhi for the very first time encouraging convalescent plasma therapy on a wide scale helping in the recovery of good number of Covid 19 patients, the super power America is doing it today. The US president has today given his authorisation for Convalescent Plasma therapy to Corona virus patients after witnessing massive mortalities beyond unexpected number of 177 thousand patients.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival has therefore in response to the tweet of United States president Donald Trump regarding starting convalescent therapy to cure Covid 19 patients for the first time in America has said that Delhi has been the first state to have taken lead in this regard quite earlier thus achieving name for the country.

In his tweet Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival wrote: They used to say back in the day, what America does today, India would do tomorrow. Delhi has changed it.

Now what Delhi did yesterday, America does today. Congratulations, Delhites for achieving this for our country. This response was with regard to US President Donald Trump’s tweet in which he wrote: Today, I want to make it a truly historical announcement in our battle against China virus, that will save countless lives.

The FDA ( Food n Drugs Administration) has issued an emergency use authorisation for a treatment known as Convalescent Plasma. ( US President, Donald Trump).

It may be recalled that Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival had already started two plasma banks in Delhi one at Rajiv Gandhi Hospital and another at Liver n Billiary sciences hospital in Vasant Kunj Delhi quite earlier which delivers Plasma free of cost to the Covid 19 patients of Delhi, if n when required as claimed by Arvind Kejrival.

The home isolation n quarantine programme of Delhi government under monitoring of the doctors have also been quite successful with about 1lakh 45 thousand patients recovered from Covid 19 out of total 1 Lakh 61 thousand Covid 19 patients in Delhi which is quite a laudable recovery ratio as compared to other states like Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, etc.

DELHI WHICH USED TO BE the third / fourth state of the country earlier has now gone on Eighth position countrywide exhibiting good recovery and daily infection rate.

However after a long spell Delhi has witnessed 1400 Covid 19 cases during the last 24 hours with doctors fearing rise in cases again.

In America which has started the Convalescent plasma therapy so late from today , despite being a super power, has witnessed 1 lakh 77 deaths with uncontrollable infections surging ahead in several lakhs ( 5.71 millions) being number one country in the world with maximum Covid 19 infections n mortalities.


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