Ayush minister Shripad Naik laud’s Ramdev but object’s for not seeking ministry’s approval before going for inventing anti Covid pills

The union Ayush minister Shripad Naik has, though, lauded the popular n controvertial Baba Ramdev for producing the anti Covid drug Coronil Swasari but raised objection that he has not sought any formal permission or approval from the ministry of Ayush which is mandatory for the producer of any new medicines of Ayurveda or Homeopathy etc. He said that the Ayush ministry has acknowleged the necessary responses n documents from Patanjali regarding the Coronil and would get back to them after the requisite substantiation by Ayush ministry.

While addressing Baba Ramdev as ADARNIYA, union Ayush minister Shripad Naik said that it’s good that Baba Ramdev has invented an anti Covid 19 medicine but should have sought the due approval of Ayush ministry before going ahead for this project.

He added that producing anti Covid drugs by Baba Ramdev is always welcome but approval of the government is mandatory which has not been sought.

According to the latest news in this regard, an FIR n a formal complaint have also been registered in Rajasthan and Haryana against the launch of Patanjali’s anti Covid 19 drug yesterday in Haridwar without seeking the formal approval or permission of the central government. It is learnt that the health minister of Rajasthan has strongly objected to the sale of this drug in Rajasthan.

Meanwhile the Uttarakhand government’s concerned department dealing with the drugs’ policy has also raised serious objections in this regard saying that the Uttarakhand government had issued licence to Patanjali Yogpeeth for producing immune booster against the pandemic, not for inventing Anti Covid 19 drugs.

Now the Uttarakhand government has also washed its hands from this imbroglio unambiguously saying that the license was issued for producing/ manufacturing the immune booster to fight Covid 19, not to invent the Anti Covid drug.

However, the Patanjali Yogpeeth has submitted the necessary response about the various formulations of the new anti Covid drug Coronil Swasaari to the Ayush ministry in Delhi mentioning all the requisite details of the clinical tests n trials after having claimed 100% success curing 280 patients of dreaded Covid 19 by Baba Ramdev and the managing director of Patanjali Acharya Balkishan.

It may be recalled that yesterday after the news of the launch of Baba Ramdev’s new Anti Covid Ayurvedic medicine “Divya Coronil Swasari” was telecast in the entire news channels of the country including in social n digital media with popular Yoga teacher Ramdev giving interviews in the media claiming 100% successful results of cure of Covid 19 patients within 4 to 7 days , there was tremendous sensitisation at the pan India level with lots of people lauding his efforts while his detractors opposing and criticizing him for not seeking the appropriate approval from the government etc.

The Ayush ministry of the central government came into action after the news of flamboyant saffron clad Baba Ramdev’s anouncement created quite a sensation in the country.

By the evening the Union Ayush ministry had issued notice to Patanjali Yogpeeth n NIMS Jaipur asking them to immediately stop advertising its newly launched anti Covid 19 drug’s kit at the pan India level till further orders including submission of all the necessary details about the clinical trials tests, research papers, compounds used in the making of the drug and other significant insights.

Meanwhile the Ayush ministry has today through a letter acknowleged the necessary documents send by Patanjali MD Acharya Balkishan and said that the Ayush ministry will have the study documents verified for validation of the data of the research outcome.

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