Ayush ministry bans advertisements of Divya Coronil ayurvedic drug till further orders. Takes cognizanse of news about Ramdev’s anti Covid tablets

THE Ayush ministry and the Indian Council of Medical Research has not given any formal official permission to Paatanjali Yogpeeth n another company of Jaipur to jointly launch the Divya Coronil Ayurvedic anti Covid 19 drug ( medicine) and after taking cognisanse of the news floating in today, has banned its advertisements pertaining to Divya Coronil, claimed as the very first Ayurvedic drug to cure Covid 19 pandemic by Baba Ramdev n Acharya Bal Kishan MD of Yogpeeth Paatanjali.

The founder of Paatanjali Yogpeeth Baba Ramdev n its MD Acharya Bal Kishan had today launched ,”Divya Coronil ,”in Patanjali premises amid quite a fanfare in the presence of electronics n print media creating quite a sensation, claiming it as the most reliable n authentic anti Covid 19 medicine after successfully carrying out evidence based clinical research n tests on 280 Covid 19 patients with 69% positive results of successful treatment n cure of Covid 19 patients within three days and 100% positive results in rest of 31 % patients with no case of death etc.

After the launch of this Ayurvedic medicine costing Rs 600 per kit, made as a result of the combination of Ashwagandha, Giloi n Tulsi etc, Baba Ramdev had claimed that this is the first Ayurvedic medicine with 100% positive results guaranting treatment of the Covid 19 patients from 3 to 7 days.

The entire news channels of the country started relaying / telecasting the news about this new Ayurvedic drug namely Divya Coronil with Baba Ramdev’s exclusive interviews.

There had also been several news in social media regarding Ram Dev’s new Ayurvedic drug raising several objections as well, questioning him about its launch without the government’s approval etc.

In the meanwhile after tremendous publicity of this anti Covid drug by news channels n in social media, the Ayush ministry and the Indian Council of Medical Reaearch took cognizance of the news n questioned the feasibility of the new anti covid drug Divya Coronil asking Paatanjali Yogpeeth to submit all the relevant details and reports of the various clinical tests and combinations of compounds used in the formulation of this newly invented Anti Covid 19 drug called DIVYA CORONIL.

According to the latest news reports the Ayush Ministry has stated that the ministry is not aware of the claims n details of the various scientific experiments, research n clinical studies carried out by Paatanjali Yogpeeth n another Company of Jaipur nor any details of the Ayurvedic medicine called Divya Coronil.

Hence these companies are asked to submit all the details to Ayush ministry and till the time the matter is finally sorted out by way of Ayush ministry’s cross examination or authentification of the drug , Divya Coronil, till then the Paatanjali Yogpeeth is prohibited to advertise this product subject to grant of permission by the Ayush ministry in the near future.

In this context Paatanjali Ayurvedic limited has been asked to give at the earliest names n composition of the medicines being claimed as a cure of Corona virus disease, it’s site laboratories in hospital carrying n conducting the research study , sample size, Institutional ethic clearence committee, CTRI registration and result data of the studies etc.

Currently there are 4 lakh fifty thousand Covid 19 patients in India with over 15000 Covid 19 deaths. In India n around the world about 150 companies are involved in the research of anti Covid 19 medicines/ vaccines. There are several speculations about 8 to 12 month’s time when this anti Covid 19 vaccine is likely to arrive in India n several countries of the world with an anti flu medicine to cure the pandemic already on anvil says the latest report.


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