Broad daylight murder in Agra of a woman dentist. Would UP CM bring down crime down in UP ?

Though crime is a permanent feature with its graph enhancing in every state of the country.

Just a few days ago a twenty year old fatherless girl, hailing from a poor muslim family was openly in broad daylight dozed with kerosene and burned by three accomplices in Vaishali Bihar sending shock waves all over the state with police being a mere spectator.

Uttar Pradesh too seems to have become the den of hardened criminals with obnoxious incidents of rapes, murders, extortions and child n women trafficking going unabated.

The Hathras incident of a rape cum murder of a poor dalit girl currently under hectic Central Bureau of Investigation after national outrage witnessed all over the country is still fresh in everybody’s mind with several murders of priests, women and gangrapes taking place.

There seems to be worrisome crime situation in Bihar with the ongoing pandemic. However, the Uttar Pradesh chief minister is trying his best to do whatever maximum he could, but it seems that laxity on the part of the law enforcing agencies especially the police, the moral of the criminals is quite high with incidents of crimes and obnoxious rapes allegedly on the surge as are the cases of Covid 19 rising.

As a sequel to the rising cases of criminalism in various parts of Uttar Pradesh a woman doctor in Agra was in broad daylight murdered with multiple stab wounds after the killers forcibly entered house to execute their planning to eliminate her.

The moot point is where was the police n its patrolling party ? After this gruesome murder of the woman doctor the residents entire area have been terrorised and are compelled to remain indoors.

According to the police the murderers have entered the house under the guise of recharging the set top box. The killers after entering her house under the guise of the cable operator’s representative to change the set top box etc had forcibly caught and injured the dentist with sharp knives even sliting her throat. When this murder was committed her two children were in another room.

One of the children was of eight year n another of 4 year. In was just a chance of good luck for children that they probably ran away after they were alao attacked after raising voice. The deceased docter’s husband who was a surgeon was in hospital at the time of the crime being committed.

After being informed he ferried his grievously injured wife to hospital with the help of the neighbours but unfortunately, succumbed to the grievous injuries and excessive blood loss. Their was commotion all around but later on the killer have been arrested.

If one goes by the crime graph of Uttar Pradesh despite crimes of rapes, extortions, murders n assaults on women increasing, the Uttar Pradesh government claims that during the Yogi Adityanath rule since 2017 the crime rate has considerably come down.

According to the data, the number of murders in the state fell to 2,032 in January-July this year from 2,204 in 2019 and 2,762 in 2016.

Similarly, the number of rapes fell 39% to 1,216 this year from the figure in 2016.

Sounds irrational as just is a single month after the most tragic Hathras case Uttar Pradesh witnessed several rape cases n in some cases of gangrape cum lynching in Balrampur etc followed by broad day light murder of a priests and immolation in front of a BJP headquarter in Lucknow etc.

The main opposition party however has questioned the data, saying that this year’s figures could have been lower due to the lockdown imposed to curb the spread of Covid-19.



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