Case registered against Harish Rawat n two Congress MLAs for violating anti Covid guidelines

A first information report against the former chief minister of Uttarakhand n general secretary of AICC with the charge of Punjab Congress Harish Rawat alongwith several other Congress leaders n two MLAs have been registered today by the SIDCUL police on the charges of defying the ongoing pandemic guidelines while participating in circumambulation of SIDCUL in protest against increading unemployment n the victimisation of industrial workers.

The charges in FIR have been levelled against Rawat n other Uttarakhand Congress leaders for not following the Corona guidelines while participating in the ” PARIKRAMA” OF SIDCUL alongwith lawmakers of Kaliyar, Bhagwanpur assembly segments of Uttarkhand including several other local Congress leaders n workers.

The cases have been lodged under the Disaster Management Act for violating the anti Covid 19 guidelines.

The senior Congress leader and national general secretary Harish Rawat alongwith the MLAs of Kaliyar n Bhagwanpur Mamta Rakesh n Mr. Furkan including Congressmen in good numbers have been doing the PARIKRAMA ( circumambulation) of SIDCUL TO HIGHLIGHT THE BURNING ISSUE OF UNEMPLOYMENT AND ALLEGED EXPLOITATION OF THE WORKERS OF VARIOUS INDUSTRIAL UNITS OF SIDCUL, while registering their symbolic protest against Trivendra Singh Rawat government of Bhartiya Janata Party.

According to the Circle Officer of SIDCUL police station Lakhpat Singh Butola the SIDCUL police has on Sunday registered FIR against Congress general Secretary Harish Rawat, two MLAs Mamta Rakesh and Furkan Ahmed and two to three hundred Congress workers n leaders under disaster management Act n other sections of IPC as they have openly violated the legal guidelines of Covid 19 by holding the PARIKRAMA with large numbers of Congress workers creating panic in the area.

In addition to this, as per the news reports the SIDCUL police have also registered FIR under Arms Act against the district president of National Students Union of India Sumit Chowdhary and his two bodyguards for allegedly carrying fire arms n waving them in the crowd saying that the police will enquire about their licences’ authenticity as well.

It may be recalled that Congress’s national general secretary Harish Rawat who’s also the In-charge of Punjab State Congress Affairs, earlier being the Assam Congress in-charge, has recently been to Punjab to participate in the Punjab n Haryana Farmers Rally led by Rahul Gandhi and is also endeavouring hard to patch up the ongoing political warfare between the Punjab CM Captain Amrinder Singh and Cricketer turned politician Navjyot Singh Sidhu. He had even visited Sidhu’s house and had breakfast there to manage him who is in rift with Punjab CM who is not at all ready to oblige Rawat in view of Sidhu’s adamant attitude.

Harish Rawat tweeted today : Today held the PARIKRAMA Yatra ( circumambulation) protesting against the increasing unemployment and victimisation / exploitation of employees n labourers in SIDCUL area. I have finally decided if the government of Trivendra Government do not agree to our straight forward and convenient suggestions submitted by me, with regard to resolution of the problems of the industrial workers of SIDCUL then I would be doing circumambulation Yatra in all the Sidculs n on 1st January when people would be celebrating the New year’s first day tweeted Harish Rawat in his two tweets.

Harish Rawat despite being so tied up in the national organisational affairs takes out time for Uttarakhand state’s Congress affairs despite the present state president not allegedly interested in his interventions. It’s an open secret that Rawat is still eying on the CM’s chair as the state’s elections are due for 2022 ( in the initial months) hardly a year n less than half months left. Rawat and his followers do not intend to lose the opportunity to grab the chance and Congress seems to be on the alert position thinking of the change coming up as usual meaning it’s the Congress’s chance this time.


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