China’s threat to India : It’s fully capable of cracking down against any Indian provocation any time

The Chinese stooge and fully aided Global times always engaged in creating and spreading baseless rumours and unauthenticated news to misguide Chinese population and others globally, has recently in its latest news report, revealed that in its recent survey, alongwith the Chinese institute of contemporary international relations, 89 % of the Chinese population has favoured retaliation against Indian troops on the border conflict, created by them and 50.4% strongly support self defence and counter attacks by force while 38.7 % relatively support it.

After the brave act of Indian Army’s SSF in successfully pushing back about more than two hundred Chinese soldiers from the Southern Pangong Tso area in Eastern Ladakh and capturing its high mountain ranges thus giving a huge rebuff to the notorious, deceitful n opportunist expansionist Chinese, the dragon’s mouth piece Global Times writes : China and India has different claims along the LAC and the recent provocations prove that India wants to gain more unrealistic concessions from China quoting Lin Minwang, Deputy Director at the Centre for Asian Studies at Fudan University adding that India’s aggressive actions are making the tensions difficult to de escalate and be dissolved.

Claiming the Southern Pangong Tso area under expansionist China’s jurisdiction since beginning, the Global times said that when the Indian troops illegally crossed the LAC on Monday, the Indian Army which first moved to accuse China of carrying out provocative military movements said it had pre empted Chinese military activity, which fully proves that it was first to illegally cross the border in an act of provocation, the first to unilaterally change the status quo in the border area and the first to violate the important consensus reached by both the sides quoting Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying.

Saying that India is under estimating China’s determination to protect its sovereignty India’s latest military provocations on the China India border are very different from the Doklam stand off of 1917 as this time not only has India displayed an extremely aggressive posture but has also dispatched more troops, thus underestimating the dragon’s determination to protect its sovereignty.

The newspaper blames India of distracting the people of India from the core Covid 19 pandemic that has assumed gigantic proportion in India by diverting their attention on the LAC border tension with China further adding that it’s feeling that this is the most opportune time to push forward compelling China to lend its hand ahead for compromise as the former is under heavy pressure on South China sea n Taiwan straits from the United States of America ( Indirectly referring to India being under the impression or misconception that China will be cowed down by US pressure, India’s close ally).

According to Chinese analysts, if India succeeds in this strategy, it would be a remarkable achievement for New Delhi to show off to its people and distract attention from the severe domestic Covid 19 epidemic and worsening economic situation prevailing in their country.

It further adds that India’s military activities have become increasingly aggressive in recent days and border tensions see no sign of de escalating.

Directly threatening India to be ready to acknowledge the heavy price from China its experts say that if Indian troops invade Chinese territory n attack Chinese troops, no matter, what kind of attack China is confronting in the East from the US, India will surely pay a heavy price.

According to Global times : Chinese experts say, the border issue is about sovereignty which is totally different from the economy and trade and on economic issues, China can regard India’s nationalist measures like boycott of Chinese goods, unnecessary and pointless due to the Indian economy being too weak to be retaliated against by China, but regarding sovereignity, China will never compromise and India’s miscalculation will endanger its frontline troops.

According to Chinese military expert and TV commentator Song Zhongping : The reason why the PLA troops are being restrained is that China still hopes tensions could be de escalated and it doesn’t wish to create a new conflict that would harm overall relations between the two sides, rather than being purely afraid of Indian aggression.

China’s military forces whether Army or Air force , are well trained n their weapons have technical advantages over India’s. They are fully capable of cracking down against any Indian provocation at any time, if Indian troops invade said Song to Global times.


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