CM Kejriwal pats himself. Says pulse Oximeters minimised Covid fatalities in Delhi

While Delhi is witnessing tremendous surge in cases of Covid 19 though recovery rate is quite encouraging, the chief minister of NCT Delhi Arvind Kejriwal is not losing a single opportunity to pat himself n his government in terms of making tall claims to control the ongoing pandemic in the capital city thus repeatedly assuring the Delhites to fight this dreaded disease with determination and strong will n subsequently learn to live with it.

DELHI has now over one lakh eleven thousand cases with nearly three thousand three hundred Covid 19 fatalities. The lessening in fatalities and about seventy percent recovery rate with nearly 87,692 patients recovering with majority of them being in home isolation, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal today gave the entire credit to the Pulse Oximeters given to Covid 19 patients in home isolation by his government terming them as protective shield ” Suraksha Kavach” which had saved several lives thus minimising the Covid 19 fatalities in Delhi.

Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday while terming the pulse Oximeters as Suraksha Kavach emphatically said that these protective shields have resulted in playing an extremely pivotal role in minimising the Covid 19 fatalities by saving their lives while under house isolation. Delhi CM while explaining that the Delhi government has distributed free of cost pulse Oximeters to Covid 19 patients in house isolation whenever they asked for it while confronting low oxygen levels these Oximeters have worked as Suraksha Kavach thus saving their precious lives.

IT MAY BE RECALLED THAT THE Delhi government has been delivering pulse oximeters to mild n asymptomatic patients suffering from breathing problem or lowered oxygen levels when they ask for them. After using them they return them back to the government he added.

According to the statement of Delhi government out of the 691 Covid 29 fatalities that occured during the last fifteen days only seven deceased patients were from home isolation which unambiguously reveal that these protective shields i.e. pulse Oximeters have played an important role in minimising the deaths of Corona virus patients in home isolation.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has also tweeted today writing: Delhi has been able to minimise the deaths of Corona patients in Home isolation through this ” SURAKSHA KAVACH” CALLED Pulse Oximeter. If the patients detect that their oxygen is falling they reach out to us for help. We immediately send oxygen concentrators to their homes or take them to hospitals.

It may be recalled that the pulse Oximeters alert the patients about the declining level of oxygen in time thus compelling him or her to avail the service of hospital or doctors by immediately contacting them thus saving their precious lives.

According to CM Kejriwal there had been no death in the month of July of the patients in house isolation as these Suraksha Kavach ( protective shields) had played an extremely important role to measure the oxygen levels of the patients under home isolation thus enabling them to seek timely treatment to save their lives.


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