Covid-19 is spreading all across the globe and taking the lives of many people all across the globe. In such a situation, people have started taking a good number of preventive measures to safe guard themselves and their home from corona . They are doing every possible activity to prevent themselves from this pandemic. Also, they have started maintaining social distancing in no time. Not to forget about the extensive usage of masks as well as sanitizers to protect them from Coronavirus.

clean your home during corona

In such a rage, you are doing every bit to protect yourself, but do you think that’s enough? Don’t you think, not only you but the things around you also need to get Covid-19 free? Well, only cleaning your hands for the whole day and wearing a mask is not enough. It’s because you need to think is your home safe from covid-19? With so many Corona cases in India and abroad, you would have to give attention to your surroundings too. If you want to fight from covid-19, there exists a dire need for you to sanitize your house also.

Even if you are washing your hands frequently, sanitizing them, wearing a mask, you can still get infected. You might be thinking about the reason behind it. The reason here is none other than your house. You would have been aware of the fact that Coronavirus can stay on the surface for a while. During the event when you are bringing any grocery or other things from outside to home, you might be infecting your place with Coronavirus. So, you not only need to clean yourself but disinfect your house at the earliest.

If you are thinking about the best tips to keep your home free from Corona, your search ends here. It’s because we have come up with many health experts’ tips on the same that you can follow. On summarising these tips, we have come up to the following pointers:

  • You should always clean your kitchen’s surface whenever you are done with cooking.
  • Keep separate footwear for outside and inside your house.
  • Cleaning up the areas that you normally touch.
  • Clean your house with a bleaching cream.
  • Make use of disposable gloves while you are cleaning your house.

Let us rather discuss the aforementioned information in detail.

Cleanliness is the key:

You should routinely clean all the spaces which you touch more frequently. These include doorknobs, keyboards, desks, light switches and closets. You can clean them with soap or a disinfectant. Also, you should ensure that you are not at all cleaning these surfaces with bare hands, instead always wear disposable gloves to do it and throw the same once completed. When you have gone outside to buy fruits and vegetables, never forget to clean your bag before entering the house.

home cleaning during corona

Avoid the to and fro to the market:

There might be certain visits that you can’t avoid, such as buying the grocery or fruits and vegetables. But if that’s not a case, you should not step out of your home unnecessarily. Staying at home and not stepping out has always been the most important thing to follow for not getting affected by Covid-19. Apart from that, you should also see to it that your pets are not touching or coming in contact with any other people.

Usage of bleaching powder is a must:

Nothing can be a better option than cleaning each and every corner of your house with bleaching powder. It’s because the bleaching powder is not only going to remove the dirt, but also disinfect that place in the finest possible manner.

Do not forget to use disposable gloves:

Whenever you are performing any kind of cleaning activities, you should never forget to wear disposable gloves. When you are engaged in the basic dusting of your house, you should cover your face either with a mask or a handkerchief. Also, avoid any kind of outside contact and thus, you should wash your clothes at home.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to keep your house clean and maintain a distance from the covid-19 menace.


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