Court provides relief to Sunday Post scribe, notice to MP

A ray of hope comes in the case of an alleged demoralisation of the roving editor of Sunday post Akash Nagar for free n fearless journalism, by the Naintal MP Ajay Bhatt, lodging an FIR against him, after the high court has issued directions to the state police to revoke it and subsequently send notice to the latter seeking explantion for this act.

This was revealed by the chief editor of Sunday post Apoorva Joshi extending his gracious thanks to the advocate Dushyant for coming to their rescue to seek justice in a case of an FIR filed against his roving editor for independently penning down a story pertaining to the intercine squabbles in the state BJP and subsequent politcal threat to the chief minister’s chair when few MLAs approached the BJP chief JP Nadda in the capital city to air their grievances few days ago, probably demanding the change in state ruling leadership.

The Nainital MP Ajay Bhatt was allegedly mentioned in the story as the one, instigating the rebel BJP MLAs against the chief minister.

Reading the story MP Ajay Bhatt was so infuriated, annoyed n irritated that he, inorder to avenge the journo filed an FIR in a Dehradun polce station inviting criticism from the journalist fraternity of Uttarakhand including the chief editor of Sunday post Joshi, registering his protest and terming it as an act of stifling the voice of the fourth estate of free n fair journalism giving his view point in a live face book chat as well.

This act of the Nainital MP Ajay Bhatt was denounced in the social media n in various news reports too. There have allegedly been several instances of harrasment n victimisation of journalists of Uttarakhand being threatened with lodging of FIRs n launching court cases against them if they don’t fall in line say senior journalist Apoorva Joshi n others, who’ve been relentlessing opposing n fighting to seek justice for such harrassed journalists at the hands of police administration and the powers that be.

The latest relief from the honourable Court has defnitely restored confidence of the scribes in judicial system once again as usual, who’d always come to the rescue of the oppressed n depressed giving them.due justice.

While hailing this judicial directive, the journalist community is of the strong view n opinion that the political tactics to stifle the constitutional right of journalists to write impartially n freely by getting FIR registered against them is nothing but an act of psycological demoralisation of the journos’ n their writing spirit to fall in line or confront severe consequencs. This is unjustifiable n against the constitutional and democrafic norms. SatyamevJayate.


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