Covid 19 cases mount to 25436 numbers in Uttarakhand

The Covid 19 pandemic is witnessing quite a worrisome surge in Uttarakhand with its total tally havung crossed twenty five thousand cases with daily spike of more than 700 to 900 corona virus cases uninterruptingly also enhancing the mortality numbers of Covid 19 patients.

Looking at today’s Covid 19 statistics after the release of Uttarakhand’s health bulletin this evening about 807 new cases of Covid 19 infections led the state’s total tally to 25436 numbers with 348 mortalities.

The state’s recovery rate at present is 67.2% and till date about 17046 Covid patients have recovered being in home isolations n in various hospitals for a stipulated period of minimum 14 days.

The state’s latest active cases are nearly 8 thousand with 77 patients migrated out of the state. About 473 Covid 19 patients have recoverd diring the last twenty four hours.

The doubling rate of Covid 19 cases in Uttarakhand is 20.97 days.

The way cases of Covid 19 pandemic are on constant surge daily, in various parts of Uttarakhand, especially in densely populated areas like Dehradun, Udham Singh Nagar, Nainital etc it seems that the anti Covid regulations and testings are not up to the mark with the anti Covid regulation bodies like police n health departments etc not becoming that active as they should have been.

The Uttarakhand government should enhance testings, tracing n treatment on wide scale with free testings in all hospitals without any medical recommendations as approved by ICMR recently.

The hospitals should be instructed to carry out maximum testings and subsequent treatment of Covid 19 patients to the satisfaction of the patients n the health authorities.


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