Delhi govt rejects Delhi police request to convert stadiums into jails saying farmers have constitutional right to protest

The union government has finally accorded the high spirited farmers from all over the country permission to enter Delhi after confronting the police authorities at various border points experiencing water cannon attacks, tear gas shells and even physical attacks n lathi blows at some points with the police having dig huge trenches on the way and heavily barricading the entrance points at borders with iron barricades and even good number of trucks including hundreds n thousands of policemen on guard stopping the angered n highly infuriated farmers trying to enter Delhi to air their grievances and protests against the three farm bills passed by the NDA government terming them as anti farmers and pro capitalists.

The Delhi police has sought permission from the Delhi government of Aam Admi Party for coverting 9 Delhi stadiums into jails to arrest the protesting farmers from Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh n various parts of the country lead by different Kisan unions including Bhartiya Kisan Union founded by Mahendra Singh Tikait.

However, the Delhi home minister Satyendra Jain who is also the health minister of NCT of Delhi has outrightly rejected the request of Delhi police saying that the peacefully protesting farmers for their constitutional rights are not criminals, hence the permission is hereby rejected.

According to the statement of Delhi home minister Satyendra Jain : The demands of farmers is genuine.

The central government should immediately consider the demands of the farmers. Putting the farmers in jails is not the solution of their demands. Their movement is entirely non violent. Every Indian has the constitutional right to to protest non violently. They can’t be imprisoned for this. The Delhi government outrightly rejects the demand of Delhi police to convert Delhi stadiums into jails said Delhi home minister Satyendra Jain.

Meanwhile, the Congress general secretary, Incharge of Uttar Pradesh, Priyanka Gandhi strongly condemned the attacks on the peacefully protesting farmers of the country for their genuine demands. She tweeted in Hindi: In order to stifle the voice of the farmers,
The water is being sprinkled n being stopped by digging roads

But the government is not prepared to tell the peasents as to where have they written about their rights of Minimum Sale Price.

The prime minister who is worried for one election and one country should also implement the formula of one country n equal treatment with the farmers.

While, thousands of protesting farmers coming to Delhi from Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh n various parts of the country facing water cannons, teargass shells n police confrontation since yesterday , one protesting farmer namely from Punjab has unfortunately breathed his last on the way, while sitting on Dharna n registering his protest.

pics from fb Rajiv Saini n social media


Sunil Negi

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