Delhi govt’s Garhwali, Kumaoni and Jaunsari Academy celebrates Uttarayini

The deputy chief minister of NCT of Delhi and chairman of Garhwali, Kumaoni and Jaunsari Academy Manish Sisodia exhorted the inhabitants of Uttarakhand living in Delhi to stick a well designed and decorated sticker in regional Kumaoni, Garhwali and Jaunsari language outside their house or at the entrance door, proudly exhibiting their identity of being an Uttarakhandi in order to inculcate a strong bonding within the community and also to inculcate interest and zeal in younger generation towards their culture, regional languages and customs while living in Delhi.

He directed the secretary of the academy to take cudgels in their hands and design beautiful and impressive stickers to distribute them to lakhs of inhabitants of Uttarakhand in Delhi so that they are pasted outside every Uttarakhandi’s house with pride and privilege declaring themselves as a Garhwali, Kumaoni n a Jaunsari etc.

Manish Sisodia was today addressing an Uttarakhandi audience comprising of artists, musicians, writers, theatre and social activists and journalists, originally hailing from Uttarakhand settled in the national capital while celebrating UTTARAYINI through a socio cultural event organised by Garhwali, Kumaoni and Jaunsari Academy at the behest of its vice chairman M. S. Rawat and secretary Jeet Ram Bhatt.

Every year, since formation of the Garhwali, Kumaoni, n Jaunsari Academy by the Aam Admi Party government in Delhi in the month of October in 2019 and even before it’s coming into formal existence, UTTARAYINI was widely celebrated in over seventy assembly constituencies of Delhi by several social organisations of Uttarakhand with the funds allocated by Delhi government, but due to the ongoing pandemic this year UTTARAYINI has been celebrated in an auditorium in Sanskrit Academy of Delhi govt by Uttarakhand Academy in a modest way, where a prominent cultural organisation of Uttarakhand, Delhi, Sharda Swar Sangam and its artists performed colourful dances, melodious songs and several cultural items entertaining the audience to the hilt.

The Vice Chairman of the Academy Manwar Singh Rawat also sang two melodious songs enthralling the Uttarakhandi audience, one in Garhwali and another in Kumaoni dialect.

His Garhwali songs’ CD was also released by deputy CM Manish Sisodia on this occasion.

Addressing the Uttarakhand’s audience, deputy CM Manish Sisodia said that no community can progress until every member, especially the new generation is made to learn their regional dialect in order to inculcate in them the feeling of affinity towards their healthy culture and traditions.

He appealed to the vice chairman and secretary of the Garhwali, Kumaoni and Jaunsari Academy to ensure that classes to teach regional languages to the new generation are started in the near future.

He said that the main objective of the Academy is to promote and preserve the Uttarakhand’s culture in Delhi to unify Uttarakhandies in one bond and for this the academy will organise a ” Kavi Sammelan of Garhwali, Kumaoni and Jaunsari languages” at Hindi Bhavan on 19 th January in order to propagate these languages in Delhi and to ensure that in the future this Kavi Sammelan is organised at Red Fort on every Republic Day to accord honour to Uttarakhand’s budding and seasoned poets, writers n thinkers. Sisodia said that Academy will ensure that every year Uttarakhand’s outstanding cultural activists, writer, theatre actors, poets, literateur are honoured by the Academy to recognise their talents and dedicated hard work in order to promote Uttarakhand’s culture, traditions and budding literay talents.

The Vice chairman of the Academy M. S. Rawat while extending his best wishes on the eve of Uttarayani said that the basic aim of the academy is to publish the works, writings, poetry books, etc of Uttarakhandi writers to promote and preserve our culture and financially help the budding and veteran writers in getting their books in Garhwali, Kumaoni and Jaunsari languages published by the Academy. He added that the budding and veteran artists, singers, literateurs, poets and theatre activists etc will also be felicitated by the Academy in order to recognise their outstanding intellectual contribution.

The UTTARAYINI function was commenced by lightening of the lamp by the deputy CM n chief guest of the function Manish Sisodia in the presence of Academy’s Vice Chairman M.S. Rawat, secretary Jeet Ram Bhatt, artists, folk dancers and singers etc.

Prominent amongst those present on this occasion were Sunil Negi, Sr journalist and president of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum , senior Supreme Court Advocate Sandeep Sharma, President , Uttrakhand Prakosht AAP Brijmohan Bittoo, Garhwal Hiteshini Sabha president Narendra Singh Negi, Geeta Rawat, municipal councillor AAP, Ramesh Ghildiyal, writer, Jallandari, Writer, Narendra Singh Rauthan, artist singer and organiser of the musical event n chief Sharda Swar Sangam, Sarveshwar Uniyal, music director Sarveshwar Bisht, singer Asha Negi, eminent artist and first director of Uttarakhand’s films Sushila Rawat, renowned actor and stage artist Khushal Singh Bisht, Sanyogita Pant of UFNI, AAP woman leader Mrs Puja Badola, Devendra Bisht, Prithvi Rawat etc.

It may be recalled that the Garhwali, Kumaoni and Jaunsari Academy came into existence in October 15 th 2019 and the first vice chairman of the academy was renowned Uttarakhandi Singer Heera Singh Rana. Unfortunately he expired last year and MS Rana was nominated as the second vice chairman of the academy with twenty nominated members.


Sunil Negi

Sunil Negi is a senior journalist and president of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum ( Regd). He usually writes on socio political subjects and have been contributing articles in print media for the last several years. Mr. Sunil Negi had been felicitated by All India Achievers conference's Pride of India and excellence awards apart from several other recognitions. He has translated a book on ecological disaster of Uttarakhand of June 2013 and edited and published two editions of Uttaranchal's Who's Who.

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