Delhi health minister says, Community spread in Delhi can’t be denied

The health minister of national capital territory of Delhi Satyendra Jain said that in view of the massive surge in Covid 19 cases in Delhi if we say that there is a community spread it won’t be wrong though he is not entitled to speak on that except the ICMR n the union government.

Answering to the queries of media {ANI} health minister Satyendra Jain said that the Covid 19 pandemic has been entangled in technical terms like Community spread which can be only declared by ICMR n the central government technically but when asked again keeping in view the increasing surge in Covid 19 cases in Delhi, he said in a way, it’s a community spread in the capital. If Delhi is witnessing the spread of this pandemic in such a large scale in Delhi the centre should have admitted that it’s a community spread but technically the ICMR n central government is authorised to say so the minister said.

However, he added that since the Delhi government has enhanced the Covid 19 tests on daily the detections are being detected simultaneously which is infact a worrisome trend.

It may be recalled that in India nearly one lakh cases of Covid 19 are being detected daily whereas in Delhi about 4.5 thousand Covid 19 cases, with its total tally reaching to 52 lakhs n 2.5 lakhs respectively. ( In India and Delhi).

The total Covid 19 mortalities too have increased to nearly ninety thousand numbers at the pan India level n nearly 4,300 in Delhi.


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