Discussion on the future of air services post-lockdown.

The Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi might soon resume its operation once the lockdown is lifted. But there will be various restrictions that ought to be followed to prevent the spreading of the corona virus. 

To begin with, all the travelers and crew will necessarily need to wear face masks. There will be no queues for security clearance for the time being. Further, the use of lavatories inside the flights will be restricted unless extraordinary scenarios and no meals would be served while on the flight. 

All these rules have been proposed by the stakeholders to the Civil Aviation Ministry. 

The coronavirus pandemic has cost 29 lakh jobs alone in the Indian aviation and other dependent sectors. This is also indicative of the fact that the operations would take some time to get going. 

However, the ministry has made its stance clear on the fact that presently no decision has been taken regarding the air services. Also, as of now, the airlines have been advised not to accept any bookings for its flights.

On the other side, the Delhi airport is working with the CISF has devised a systematic plan concerning various aspects of the air services. It includes suggestions on security handling, airport operations, and other related matters once the lockdown is lifted. The plan also mentions the necessity of compulsory social distancing as well as regular sanitizations.

On the arrival of a passenger at the airport, firstly his body temperature will be taken. Whereas, persons who show symptoms indicative of flu will not be allowed to enter the terminal premises. Further, an entry will not be permitted for passengers without face masks and there will be no line formation for security check. Instead, batches of passengers will be formed to help the airport staff. 

Also, the frisking of passengers will be done only using metal detectors and that too by maintaining a safe distance. 

Business standard

Refund of tickets:

Also, the government has ordered the airlines to refund the booked tickets during the lockdown period

Various airlines have come up with their safety measures. GoAir has indefinitely suspended all in-flight meals until further notice. Even snacks will not be allowed to serve inside the flight. This is to ensure minimal passenger-crew interaction. 

Whereas, Indigo has said that it will take a staggered approach in resuming its services. That is first the domestic services would be made available followed by the international ones. They have also agreed on discontinuing their on-air meal services. Also, initially, only half the capacity of the airbuses will be allowed for booking to maintain social distancing. 


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