Disinformation is no substitute for diplomacy says fmr PM Dr. Manmohan Singh

The former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh today expressed his deepest condolences n paid rich tributes to the brave hearts of Indian Army including the commanding officer Colonel Santosh Babu who laid down their precious lives while valiantly fighting the Chinese solders at Galwan valley on the evening of 15th June. The former PM with a heavy heart said : We, the nation lost twenty brave soldiers in Galvan Valley Ladakh in June 15 n 16.

They laid down their lives in the ultimate act of sacrifice, valour and duty to our country. Our brave hearts defended the mother land till their last breath and for that we owe them n their families our eternal gratitude. However, their sacrifice cannot be allowed to go in vain.

Dr. Manmohan Singh says that at this moment while the country stands at cross roads the prime minister must always be mindful of the implications of his words n declarations on our nation’s security as also the strategic n territorial interests.

Our government’s decisions n actions will have serious bearings on how the future generations percieve us, he added. Obviously referring to the prime minister n others ruling us – Dr. Manmohan Singh said that those who lead us bear the weight of the solemn duty n in democracy the responsible rests with the office of the prime minister added Dr. Singh.

Accusing expansionist China of brazenly n illegally claiming Indian territories by commiting multiple incursions former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh said that we cannot and will not be cowed down by threats n intimidations nor will permit a compromise with out territorial integrity.

Reminding the PM of his earlier statement that no portion of India has been occupied or transgressed by China , later on strongly refuted by PMO yesterday, Dr. Manmohan Singh specifically n unambiguously said that the prime minister cannot allow them ( Chinese) to use his words as a vindication of their position n must ensure that all organs of the government work togerher to tackle this crisis n prevent it from escalating further.

Warning those at the helm of affairs about any disinformation campaign, former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh said : We remind the government that disinformation is no substitute for diplomacy or decisive leadership as truth cannot be suppressed by having pliant allies spout comforting but false statements.

He added that we call upon the prime minister and the government to rise to the ocassion to ensure justice for Col. B Santosh Babu n 19 others who have made the ultimate sacrifice and resolutely defended our territorial integrity. He finally said: To do any less would be a betrayal of the peoples’ faith.


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