Experienced Gehlot to politically beat an inexperienced though efficient Sachin

There is always a saying that experience counts more than efficiency and this fits into the Rajasthan’s ongoing political crisis. While young, enthusiastic and progressive Sachin Pilot has genuine reasons to revolt along with around twenty lawmakers expressing his total annoyance and ferocious opposition towards the present chief minister Ashok Gehlot directly and the central leadership including Sonia, Rahul n Priyanka Gandhi indirectly, the experienced three time chief minister Ashok Gehlot has ultimately defeated the efficient n young but desperate first timer Deputy CM Sachin Pilot in the ongoing impasse of Rajasthan. It seems that Pilot’s desperation has cost him badly ?

After not relenting to umpteen request calls n appeals of senior central leaders of Congress to participate in the CLP meeting despite postponement of the Rajasthan CLP yesterday from morning to afternoon and ultimately for today morning, Rajasthan deputy CM Pilot has not only lost his political credibility as a staunch Congressman n loyal soldier of 10 Janpath but has also left his loyal MLAs of nowhere.

THIS IS so because the Congress party can expel him n his loyal lawmakers for defying party’s whip n thus compelling them to lose their membership of the state assembly n ministership as well. Though this is an extreme step but the option remains open till yet, in case he remains adamant n revolts. Therefore the net result would be a huge zero say political analysts. On the other hand Rajasthan’s third time chief minister Ashok Gehlot who has the blessing of the entire high command, the Gandhi family is already carrying the support of 109 MLAs including 11 independents as claimed by him.

However, Sachin Pilot has disputed Gehlot’s claim yesterday saying that there were 84 lawmakers n not hundred n nine as claimed. Well even if Pilot’s claim is admitted in Rajasthan assembly which has total 200 MLAs Ashok Gehlot needs 101 lawmakers to form the government and he had already claimed that he possesses signed 109 lawmakers’ letter of support.

It is believed that 11 independents are already supporting Gehlot apart from more than hundred Congress MLAs. Currently Gehlot’s government is being run with the support of 122 MLAs. Sachin Pilot who has till now denied joining BJP n forming his own political outfit, if remains adamant n his group leaves Congress party not only will they be expelled thus losing the membership of assembly but if not expelled they’ll have to resign.

After the resignation of twenty lawmakers the strength of Rajasthan Assembly will be reduced to 180. That means Ashok Gehlot would require 91 MLAs support to form the government. This would be quite easy for him as about 100 MLAs were physically present at his house in Jaipur who extended their open written support to Gehlot n also passed a unanimous resolution expelling the rebels if they don’t fall in line, meaning losing their membership.

However, there is another bright option for Pilot n i.e. if he joins the saffron party bandwagon, desperate BJP especially the central leadership will lose no chance to support Sachin Pilot even after losing membership. BJP will not have any problem as they have about 75 MLAs at present including three independent and horse trading option always works clandestinely in such circumstances either through money or pressure. BUT this option is extremely risky as BJP will get the option only after Gehlot loses his chances which are negligibly bleak. It looks as if Sachin has acted as a novice despite his being so intelligent and progressive.

Even if he resurrects himself by coming back into Congress’s fold by giving up revolt, he has become a doubtful integrity in the eyes of the central high command. It may be recalled that these sons of political fathers’ enjoying the privilege of nepotism politics right from Rahul Gandhi, to young Hooda to Randeep Singh Surjewala to Sachin Pilot etc have got outstanding privileges of enjoying political power at very young age like becoming ministers in union cabinet n deputy CMs etc. These young politicians forget that in politics there are people who’s entire life have been devoted serving people of the society but they hardly reach the desired heights of progress ? HOWEVER the likes of Sachin are lack of patience and want undeserving positions expeditiously. They hardly wait to gain experience but want quick results of achieving the heights which politicians deserve after prolonged struggle usually. WHAT’S your take friends.


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  1. If experience counts then why have Sonia Gandhi , Rahul Gandhi Priyanka Vadra & now “Rehaaan Rajiv Gandhi” occupied the topmost positions in INC ? What ground level experience do any of them have ?
    Sonia Gandhi has lived in India over 50 years & yet does not know how to read and write in any Indian language ?
    Money & Muscle power is what Congress has a great expertise in.
    How long will this drama of appleasement of a single undeserving family last & what is the cost ?
    Democracy is indeed in danger within the Congress 🙁
    Good luck to Sachin Pilot

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