FIR lodged by ED against Rhea Chakravorthy on money laundering charges

THE Enforcement Directorate has registered a first information on money laundering charges against the late actor Sushant Singh’s girl friend and actress Rhea Chakravorthy after late actor’s anguished n traumatic father has allegedly accused her n her family of siphoning off a huge amount of Rs. 15 crores which had been transferred from Sushant’s account. In the meanwhile Rhea Chakravorthy posted her vedio on social media saying that while the electronics TV channels have discussed n issued lot of horrible things about me, but since the matter is in the court of law, it’s subjudice.

And I will not speak anything on this matter. I have full faith in judiciary n the facts of the case. SATYA MEV JAYATE adds Rhea in her vedio. After the registration of FIR by the enforcement department against Rhea Chakravorthy on prevention of money laundering act today, Rhea hurriedly approached the Supreme Court against the said FIR requesting for transferring the case from Bihar police to Maharashtra police.Few days ago Sushant Singh’s girl friend Rhea had tweeted requesting the union home minister to order the CBI enquiry into late Sushant’s suicide death.

Meanwhile as per the latest reports the Bihar deputy CM Mr. Modi has also talked to the Bihar DGP and demanded the Central Bureau of Investigation into the mysterious suicide of late actor Sushant Singh. HE ACCUSED THE Mumbai police of derailing the investigations n unnecessarily delaying the matter. After the registration of the FIR against Rhea Chakravorthy the case has taken a curious turn. Sushant’s friend n actor Tarun Khanna has expressed his disenchantment n annoyance over the Mumbai film fraternity for keeping silence till date n not coming forward to demand impartial investigations in order to deliver justice to the bereaved family by bringing truth to the fore.

The father of Sushant Singh Rajput K. K. SINGH n his close relatives have no faith in the Mumbai police WHICH IS allegedly TRYING TO DRAG THE CASE on different direction say sources. Now the case has taken a new turn as Bihar verses Mumbai case. Sushant’s father n his relatives have tightened their belts to legally fight the case from Patna Bihar.

IN AN INTERVIEW TO REPUBLIC TV Sushant Singh Rajput’s body guard has revealed that the actor was not keeping good health n used to usually sleep even while ostantatious parties organised by Rhea Chakraborty were going on, in which her father , brother n friends used to enjoy.

He was a simple man who never participated in the parties but usually slept. Sushant’s family were never in the parties except Rhea’s family.

Rhea was in total control of Sushant’s expenses n lot of money was spent of these lavish parties arranged by Rhea in which her father also attended them on Saturdays n Sundays said his bodyguard.

According to the body guard after Rhea’s coming in contact with Sushant, no family member including his sister Priya came to meet Sushant Singh.

He alleged a foul play into the suicidal death saying that he was a sporting jovial actor who would never commit such an act of SUICIDE.

It may be recalled that Sushant committed this mysterious suicide on 14 th June and since then there have been no concrete progress in the case. It’s believed that the actor was in depression for the last six months n under psychiatrist’s monitoring n medication. He had given up taking pills for fifteen days before Sushant’s commiting suicide. In entire Bollywood fraternity only a single actor of the reputation of Kangana Ranaut came to the forefront accusing the established actors’ lobby under NEPOTISM for allegedly demoralising Sushant Singh ultimately leading him to take such a tragic n brutal step of committing suicide with his father n family members seeing foul play demanding a CBI enquiry into this mysterious mishappening.


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