Kejrival reveals five weapons effectively tackling Covid 19 in Delhi

Despite Delhi detecting seven thousand, seven hundred n eighty cases with 2429 Covid 19, fatalities thus becoming the number two state of the country leaving Tamilnadu, Rajasthan and Gujarat etc far behind in surging ahead with Corona virus infections, the high spirits of the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival claiming to be working extremely hard to control the pandemic to a great extent, thanking the union government for their cordination and support is indeed laudable.

Addressing his virtual press conference today the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival said that five weapons that have been primarily used by the Delhi government to tackle the dreaded pandemic are (1) enhancing the numbers of beds in Delhi hospitals, (2) pulse and oximetres n oxygen concentrators (3) testing and isolations (4) plasma therapy n survey and (5) screening. These five weapons of Delhi government have been immensely instrumental in tackling this dreaded pandemic claims Arvind Kejrival. Patting his own back, Delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said that today Delhi government is conducting 20000 tests daily which used to be 5000 in March. The government will further enhance testing in Delhi in order to detect maximum infections. He also thanked the central government for their support in this regard. Regarding the availability of beds in Delhi hospitals Arvind Kejrival catagorically said that there are currently 13500 beds out of which only 6500 are occupied n the rest are vacant.

Holding those who had arrived in Delhi in the month of March after having been infected with Coronavirus disease to further spread them in the national capital, mainly responsible chief minister Arvind Kejrival said that about 35000 people had arrived in the national capital in the month of March from countries heavily infected by this dreaded pandemic.

The government screened them and admitted in hospitals after detecting them as asymptomatic n symtomatic. After their cure, all were send to their homes. Since, then guidance and knowledge was little n also shortage of beds the cases multiplied expeditiously. The government had no option but to improve its shattered economy and learn to live, work n fight with the pandemic. The government asked the people and it was after their collective advise that the lockdown was lifted on 6th May.

After the massive surge in Covid 19 cases in Delhi, Kejrival said that the Delhi government has in the last one month enhanced the number of beds in Delhi hospitals and reserved 40% beds for Covid 19 patients. He added that : we’ve connected hospitals with hotels and enhanced the capacity of beds to 3500 viz 2000 number of beds in Radha Soamy Satsang Vyas and 450 in Buradi hospital. At present about 7500 hospital beds are vacant with 6500 occupied. Regarding corona related tests Kejrival said that today the Delhi government has enhanced its testing to 20 thousand numbers where as in March it was 5000 every twenty four hours. Earlier there were several flaws in the testing but today all is well. We took action against several erring labs. Kejrival thanked the central government for giving them enough number of Rapid testing kids initially, now purchased by the Delhi government.

Regarding the third weapon of the Oximeter Kejriwal said that the govt of Delhi has now started suppling of oximeters to those patients who are in isolation and suffer from breathing problems. This has immensely helped the patients having problem in breathing due to oxygen shortages.

Chief minister Arvind Kejrival while speaking about the fourth weapon fighting Coronavirus effectively said that Plasma therapy was for the very first time experimented on 29 patients in Delhi and cured them fully. This successful plasma therapy showed the path to the entire country said Arvind Kejrival. He said that though the plasma therapy does not work on serious Covid 19 patients but it does cures the patients with mild symptons. Lauding the fifth weapon of screening Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said that the Delhi government’s Serological survey from 27 June on large scale with the help of the central government will enable it know about the dangerous spread and its where abouts.

Meanwhile, the union home minister Amit Shah and Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival visited the 10000 capacity Radha Swamy Satsang Quarantine centre to review the arrangements to fight the dreaded pandemic.

Meanwhile, Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival uploaded his pics with the union Home Minister Amit Shah at Radhaswamy Satsang quarantine centre and tweeted: In this crisis of Corona virus disease I have asked for everybody’s support to get Delhi rid of this pandemic n everybody cooperated outrightly. With the support of central government and Radha Soamy satsang quarantine centre such a huge corona centre has been constructed.


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