Garhwali movie SUBHERU GHAM seen by 1 lakh 10 thousand audience in 2 weeks

The Snowy Mountain production’s regional film in Garhwali dialect, having also been screened in Canada Film Festival which won tremendous accolades in Uttarakhand n even abroad by the Uttarakhand audience has made yet another record of being watched by over one lakh ten thousand audience in just two weeks after it was loaded in the you tube channel of its producer, director n actor Urmi Negi, also the managing director director of Snowy Mountain Productions.

What’s unique about the increasing popularity of SUBHERU GHAM GARHWALI MOVIE is that it is also being viewed by the non Uttarakhand’s audience as well, even by Malyalali women who’d lauded it’s script, mesmerising songs, music , serene beauty of the Himalayas and outstanding cinematography.

The regional movie carrying a unique social message as well against the massive prevalence of illicit liquor in the interior hills spoiling its social fabric leading to house hold eomen women suffer immensely has also been lauded by one and all.

Urmi Negi, the producer of this movie who also acted in the movie as it’s heroine has immensely contributed in the development of regional films of Uttarakhand especially Garhwali movies like super hit BLOCKBUSTRE movie SUBHERU GHAM, Ghar Jawain, Kauthig n self production Fyonli etc and has also acted in several Bollywood movies with leading stars like Rajesh Khanna, Deva and n Mithun Chakravorthy etc including acting in Bhojpuri, Nepali, Marathi n Punjabi movies.

Urmi Negi with Mithun Chakravorthy in Bollywood movie

After becoming a BLOCKBUSTRE movie enticing countless audience in Gurugram, Delhi, Mumbai n various theatres of Uttarakhand Urmi Negi posted it in her Urmi Negi You Tube Channel on her birthday on 31st July as a gift to her audience of Uttarakhand n those living in other parts of the country n globe.

However, in just two weeks’ SUBHERU GHAM was watched by about one lakh ten thousand audience giving an unambiguous impression about the movie’s immense credibility.

The melodious songs of the film were sung by legendary Uttarakhand’s singers Narendra Singh Negi and Anuradha Nirala n music delivered by Mr. Negi himself. After acknowledging an outstanding response from her countless viewers in n outside Uttarakhand Urmi Negi is now making the SUBHERU GHAM PART 2, BATHAUN meaning Hurricane/ thunderstorm the shooting of which will be executed in the month of October.

There is every possibility of BATHAAOON being released next year. The cameramen of the film would be the gentleman who shot ARADHANA. The Uttarakhand’s audience are curiously looking forward to watch the sequel of SUBHERU GHAM ‘ BATHAAUN, likely to be released early next year.


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