Human Computer Shakuntala Devi was indeed the first God gifted human Computer who earned worldwide accolades

Popularly known as a human computer Shakuntala Devi from Southern India Bangalore, Karnataka, having her luxurious house in Ferozshah Road, New Delhi and married to an lAS officer, famous worldwide to solve the toughest of the maths riddle even expeditiously than a computer is again in the news these days with the present generation eager to know about her number solving miracles within no time.

A genius woman extremely popular globally, her record not having been broken till yet n a Guinness Book record holder though posthumously, Shakuntala Devi travelled in more than 120 countries of the world probably, during the seventies to nineties and impressed all countrymen globally by her outstanding n exemplary feat of answering any most complex maths question or number riddle within no time, even failing computers number of times in full public glare.

Starting her miracles from the mere age of three Shakuntala Devi presented her shows from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu ( Tiruchapalli) to various parts of the country to 120 countries of the globe, impressing n amazing one and all by her unexpected feats of solving the toughest n longest of the numbers n maths riddle in the presence of learned mathematicians, computer experts, and intellectuals.

She got the headlines on front pages newspapers, prominence through numerous radio n television interviews globally when India was devoid of Televisions n coloured photography.

She almost met head of all the nations n was suitably rewarded for her exemplary feats of an outstanding calibre even defeating computer calculations timewise n in giving correct answers failing the former at times. The former prime minister of India Indira Gandhi, several presidents , significant foreign dignitaries, governor’s n union ministers including chief ministers honoured her and were highly impressed by her outstanding genius brain, solving toughest of the maths riddle n questions within no time, without calculating on paper with pen but within her mind.

MARRIED TO AN IAS husband in Calcutta genius Shakuntala had a daughter who was initially annoyed with her mother for her extreme busy schedule of presenting her shows worldwide having no time for her n her father.

Shakuntala had special passion towards numbers n maths and devoted her major period of life away from her IAS husband being in foreign lands busy with her shows to resolve complex maths riddles enchanting one and all in about 120 countries she travelled and winning coved awards, recognitions and monetary benefits.

She was money oriented n earned lot of money during her lifetime by being a business women as well n through her God gifted outstanding talent pronounced as HUMAN COMPUTER. Later on she also acknowleged proficiency in Astrology and practised it for several years having earned tremendously.

While in Delhi living in her lavish Feroz Shah Road apartment she earned lot of money by giving astrological service to her thousands of clients, especially the rich one hailing from affluent families. This house presently costs in several crores of rupees.

She used to advertise in two prominent dailies of Delhi HT n TOI enticing her customers with problems pertaining to business, family matters, n other prospects n used to charge Rs 500 for every question during the eighties n nineties as per senior journalist Vivek Shukla.

There used to be hundreds of cars parked daily on Ferozshah Road pavement for her accurate astrological predictions n subsequent solutions. Author of several books on astrology n her maths riddle solution etc her book on Homosexuality was quite in demand which created lots of controversy especially when she revealed about her IAS husband being a GAY in one of the press interview.

Shakuntala Devi never went to school during her lifetime but God had been so kind n generous on her that she defeated Computer n became the first n only genius women in India termed as the Human Computer. She died in the year 2013 at the age of 83, leaving behind the property of hundreds of crores.

In an interview given to BBC in 1973 Shakuntala Devi had said that till then she was the first and only women to have broken the record of solving maths or number riddles of the most complex nature in few seconds or minutes even faster than computers.

What’s most important here is that the PRESTIGIOUS GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORD realised its blunder forty years’ after Shakuntala Devi was granted the honour of the fastest human computer title in 1980 at IMPERIAL COLLEGE, LONDON for solving the most complex mathematics riddle in just 28 seconds beating the COMPUTER shocking one n all present there. Her daughter Aupama Bennerjee who was present there was just ten years’ old. She received this outstanding GUNNIESS WORLD RECORD BOOK CERTIFICATE on her mother’s behalf after forty years. THE FASTEST HUMAN COMPUTATION IS 28 SECONDS. AMAZING INDEED.

Pic: News18


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