India believes in peaceful resolution of border dispute but is fully prepared to fight its enemy

Union defence minister Rajnath Singh has today acquainted the countrymen about the latest position with regard to situation in Eastern Ladakh and shed light on India’s view point n progress on this stalemate lauding the bravery n supreme sacrifice of our valiant soldiers while safeguarding our borders .

While speaking in the Rajya Sabha, union defence minister Rajnath Singh catagorically said that India has always been in favour of resolving the border dispute between India n China through peaceful negotiations in order to maintain the bilateral relations between both the nation’s but China should never misunderstand or misconstrue our peaceful intiative moves as our weakness. We are fully prepared to fight our enemies said Rajnath Singh.

India will never compromise on our territorial integrity and sovereignity and would give a befitting reply to our enemy forces, he further added.

Explaining the present situation in eastern Ladakh as fragile and critical, Defence minister Rajnath Singh said that while India has always honoured the bilateral protocols n border agreements arrived at between both the countries from 1990 to 2003, China has made several illegal attempts to breach these agreements and the instances of 15th June and the misadventures of 29 th and 30 August at Galwan Ghati and Southern Pangong has made crystal clear about the malafide intentions of China to grab Indian territories arbitrarily.

Accusing expansionist China and even Pakistan, Rajnath Singh said, while China has illegally captured 38000 square kilometres of Indian land in Ladakh it also arbitrarily puts claim on Arunachal Pradesh’s 90000 square kilometres of Indian territory.

In addition to this it has illegally taken about 5100 kilometres of POK land from Pakistan which is Indian territory under Sino Pak agreement.

Accusing China for transgressing India territory on several occasions, breaching the bilateral border agreements, Rajnath Singh said that incidents of 15 th June of Galwan Valley where our 19 brave soldiers n one Commanding officer sacrificed their lives, including the PLA’s mis adventure on 29th and 30 th August, violating all border agreements despite the fact that the military level talks in Chushul were in progress unambiguously exposes China of its ill conceived notions and designs of betrayal n deciet.

Defence minister Rajnath Singh lauded the brave efforts n courageous actions of our soldiers in Galwan Valley n Southern Pangong saying that the entire nation should praise their valiant acts for fighting our enemy forces tooth n nail and strongly thwarting their every illegal move to grab Indian territory.

Our Armymen have always exhibited patience whenever it was necessary and bravely fought the enemy forces when necessary sacrificing their precious lives in the service to the nation he added.


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