Irresponsible behaviour leads to massive spread of Covid 19 : Dr. Harshvardhan

India is in a horrible position as dreaded pandemic Covid 19’s uncontrollable surge of nearly 96 thousand cases daily with increasing mortalities has unambiguously compelled countrymen to arrive at a definite conclusion that nothing but only n only, an anti Covid vaccine is the only credible solution to this life taking horrible disease.

While, the country’s economy is in absolute jeopardy, the revival of it, undoubtedly demands – learning to live with this pathogen by being busy in daily chores with enthusiasm and sporting spirits but, with observing n exercising,mandatory precautions and anti Covid regulations.

But unfortunately, this is not happenning and relaxations after unlockdown has resulted in the national Covid 19 spread going haywire uncontrollably, with the country, witnessing more than fifty two lakh cases with about 1 lakh 56 thousand fatalities during the last six months, becoming the second country in the world after United States, leaving behind Brazil beating all previous records of infections. India earlier stood on the 8th position in the world.

The countrymen were educated enough about exercising anti Covid precautions like wearing masks, maintaining the social n physical distance of two metres, sanitising hands n the surroundings, to avoid going out, especially in densely populated areas etc etc but of no avail.

Even the union health minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has on Sunday while adressing the MPs via vedio conferencing has openly blamed the countrymen of being extremely irresponsible due to which there had been such a massive spike in the country to which the senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has through a tweet responded : Agree with Health minister Dr. Harshvardhan that irresponsible behaviour of the people behind Covid 19 spike, but he did not forget to remind the minister of his government’s failures as well by further tweeting : Unfortunately, the no notice lockdown, lack of planning n preparation and haphahazard unlocking while cases are rising, prove that the irresponsibility is at the top.

However to cover his government’s failures that lead to the spike as per Congress Party’s outspoken leader Shashi Tharoor, union health minister today patted himself and his government by writing that the country has made record of sorts by achieving the fantastic n outstanding 80 percent recovery rate at the pan India level despite the cases rising exponentially to the tune of 96 thousands daily.

He tweeted : India has crossed the significant landmark of more than 80 % national recovery rate. India has also reported more than 90000 recoveries for the third day in succession.

He further added that over 94 thousand Covid 19 patients were discharged in the last 24 hours.

While holding the people responsible for their negligent behaviour leading to massive spread of this pathogen, Dr. Harshvardhan yesterday while responding to the MPs in Lok Sabha said : The pandemic is expanding so rapidly because of such negligent behaviour of the people, It seems, people have misunderstood the unlock processes and have become relaxed, thinking everything is fine, They must remember that Covid appropriate conduct is very important, he added.

Dr Harshvardhan said that India has now created a capacity of ten lakh tests daily and three anti Covid vaccines in India are on the third n most advanced state of clinical trials whereas globally about 145 vaccine candidates are on preclinical evaluation stages with India having supported thirty vaccines.

Meanwhile Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said that Corona Virus is an extremely serious threat to our people and our economy. My sense is, the government is not taking this threat seriously. Timely action is critical.


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