It’s now an AAR PAAR KI LADAI between Gehlot n Pilot with Sonia, Rahul n Priyanka not interfering ?

There seems to be a calculated political attack on the young rebel leader of Congress Sachin Pilot by the incumbent Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot and this incessant tirade is on, since the inception of the crisis.

It looks as if the young rebel leader is being systematically sidelined in the Congress party thus left in isolation for the present by both the central party leaders as well as the Rajasthan chief minister n his lobby.

Today’s accusation of the chief minister Ashok Gehlot terming him as NIKKAMMA N NAKKARA ( worthless n of no use) is a term usually never used for any leader within the party against another leader of the status of the chief minister against his former deputy CM with no comments or resurrection statement from the senior central Congress leaders like Ahmed Patel, P. Chidambaram and Digvijay Singh who had been till yesterday n earlier trying hard to advise rebel Sachin Pilot to remain in Congress party by not joining the BJP and giving up his rebellion, with Pilot maintaining his studded silence not confronting to the level his bete noire Gehlot is ? Not only these leaders but Sonia Gandhi, Rahul n Priyanka have also not said a single word to advise Ashok Gehlot to exercise restraint at least for the time being, and fight the BJP than Sachin Pilot.

In addition to this, Gehlot has also levelled several other charges including his being in league with BJP clandestinely trying to topple the Congress government in Rajasthan despite having earned the “Vishwas” confidence of Sonia, Rahul n Priyanka for several years n gaining so much during the last 12 years from the age of 26 to 38 first becoming MP, then union minister, to president n finally deputy CM of a state.

Not only this but one of the BSP’s earlier MLA now in the Congress, Gajraj Singh Malinga in Rajasthan’s Ashok Gehlot camp has also accused Sachin Pilot of a very serious allegation that he had allegedly tried to offer him Rs 35 crore to switch over to BJP , on order to topple the Congress government.

This serious accusation has not only shocked Sachin Pilot who’s saddened but not surprised threatening him of appropriate and strictest possible legal action.

What’s interesting about Malinga’s accusation is that he openly gave the statement in front of camera saying that he had informed the chief minister Gehlot about this serious charge obviously giving a clear indication of a calculated strategic move to defame the rebel leader.

A day earlier too Ashok Gehlot’s aggressive posture against Sachin Pilot was on, with the CM levelling several charges against Sachin that he is an English speaking elitist young leader knowning perfect English n Hindi but incapable of serving the people of the lowest ebb of the society of the state n a worthless state President as well during the last seven years.

He also charged him to be over ambitious having got everything not by the dint of hard work but through nepotism, the charge repeated by senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh too.

THE SPATE OF accusations against Sachin Pilot since the day Ashok Gehlot got the confirmed support assurance of about 108 MLAs which include 11 independents as well, in Fairmont hotel where they are still holed up, unambiguously speak of the fact that now after finding Sachin Pilot in isolation with merely less then 20 lawmakers’ support with BJP possessing only 75 MLAs with them, the Congress high command n the Gandhi family too seems to have finally decided to sideline Sachin Pilot in view of his over ambition n political greed.

Pilot’s public declaration about not joining the BJP n remaining in Congress Party not heeding to now BJP leader Jyotiraditya Scindia has infact dis balanced/ imbalanced the entire strategy of both Pilot n Scindia thus benefitting the Congress party to the hilt.

While the tug of war between Pilot n Gehlot has now become a straight war between two ardent foes it remains to be seen as to what really happens after the Rajasthan high court decision comes which is expected on Tuesday ?

However, Gehlot is fully confident of winning the floor test in the the state assembly in both the cases (1) If rebel MLAs lose their membership in view of their becoming hostile n (2) Even if their membership remains intact, the anti defection law will ultimately favour Ashok Gehlot during the floor test in Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha compelling the rebel MLA to vote for him or face severe consequences.

Meanwhile, the SOG is already busy investigating the audio clip case against BJP union minister Shekhawat n Sanjay Jain ( who is behind bar) n rebel Congress MLA Bhanwar Lal Sharma ( who is on the run) the Bhartiya Janata Party has demanded CBI probe into the audio clip imbroglio.


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