journo’s grudge n protest against negligent administration

An enlightened journalist of Uttarakhand having authored a book on political stalwart and eminent freedom fighter Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna, Indra Rajwar had today raised a very valid question about the incessant exploitation of Uttarakhand’s natural resources by big business houses destroying the mountains, making them hollow from inside and literally damaging our agricultural fields through heavy landslides, that occur during monsoons due to man made natural disasters.

He has brought to the fore an instance of the wide mountains of Bafila Gaon in Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand which are being digged since 2011 by the mining contractors to extract tons n tons of limestones’ mud ( Khadia Mitty) fetching them tremendous profits in broad day light resulting in a school coming under risk of landslides that may prove fatal for sure in the near fiture.

The villagers of Bafilagaon in Bageshwar district and its Head ( Pradhan) has brought the impending danger to the knowledge of local authorities n the district administration umpteen times, but of no avail.

Journalist Rajwar has a complaint against the local news channels and newspaper owners including journalists as well, that they despite being aware of this impending danger to the lives of the villagers n students due to the open exploitation of rocky mountains by the mining companies, posing direct threat to the people living there, the farm lands n to the mountains making them hollow n landslides prone minting exorbitant profits, they never telecast or print these news exposing the contractors n negligent authorities, for the obvious reasons best known to them.

He questions : Does anybody know about the number of fatalities occured during the natural calamities in Pithoragarh, Bageshwar, Chamoli, Rudraprayag n Uttarkashi etc.? Indeed a moot question.Whats your take friends?
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