Loss of over 2 crores due to BMC demolition of her Pali Hill office, claims Kangana

Vociferous n angered Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has accused BMC for causing a damage of around Rs two crores by way of damaging her expensive furniture, outstanding artefacts, completely drilling the decorated walls n bringing down structures, destroying n breaking expensive decorative material, glass walls n other items yesterday after illegally bringing huge bull dozers and starting damage work without any provocation while she was on the way to reach Mumbai from Himachal Pradesh via air, guarded by Y catagory security provided by the union home ministry.

MEANWHILE, as per the latest media reports Kangana Ranaut has just emerged from her Khar bungalow Mumbai and is headed for her office which has also been damaged amid high security. There had been about seven vehicles including two of Mumbai police in front of her house with security personnel.

The confrontation between Kangana Ranaut and Maharashtra police n the government led by Shiv Sena has assumed tremendous significance after Kangana’s several tweets openly challenging and criticizing the Maharashtra CM Udhav Thakrey and Sanjay Raut for allegedly threatening her and using shameful words like HARAAMKHOR.

Currently Kangana Ranaut is inspecting her heavily damaged office with rubble lying scattered inside the office in Pali Hills Mumbai. Her office was so badly damaged that the foundation of her office got trembled , with entire Balcony coming down.

In her tweet with a vedio posted : Kangana has while naming Maharashtra CM Udhav Thakrey said : Today you have damaged my house by coludding with the Mafia of Bollywood, tomorrow your “Ghamand” proud ( vanity) will be damaged.

Meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut is acknowledging the support of entire Bollywood and countrymen nationally including from Maharashtra especially after the vindictive attitude of the SHIV Sena led Maharashtra government against a woman actor sounding like one single woman versus entire government of Maharashtra comprising of SS,Congress, n NCP.

The court has shifted the hearing for 22nd after giving her temperory relief of stay yesterday.

While Kangana Ranaut is confronting so much of injustice at the hands of Shiv Sena in Mumbai n the state home minister Anil Deshmukh, hailing from NCP n even Sharad Pawar are supporting Shiv Sena being its alliance partners , Congress despite being an active partner in the government, has been mum since day one speaking not a single sentence against or in favour of Kangana Ranaut despite always claiming to be the sole saviour of depressed n oppressed women apart from being a party led by Sonia Gandhi, herself a women leader of eminence.


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