Kejriwal says Delhi witnessed no death in the last 12 days but adds Covid will surge ahead, be careful

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has today expressed his satisfaction that the fatality rate in the capital is coming down and so are the cases but he cautioned the Delhites to be extremely careful in terms of exercising restraints in the near future like maintaining two metres social distance, avoiding congested areas, wearing masks regularly while out of their homes, washing hands regularly n coming out if it’s very necessary.

While feeling happy that Delhi has not witnessed a single death in home isolation during the July fortnight he added that the role of pulse Oximeters delivered free of costs to Covid 19 patients in home isolation had played an extremely significant role in saving the lives of of mild n moderate patients of Coronavirus.

However, despite the fall in numbers of infections during the last few days n no Covid 19 deaths within two weeks as well, CM Kejriwal gave the credit for this incredible achievement to the successful home isolation programme and free distribution of Oximeters to patients suffering from low oxygen levels n breathing problems which have been extremely successful with good number of patients recovering .

He said that we fought this war together and proved successful to the great extent. Speaking on the carelessness n complacency of the people at large, Arvind Kejriwal cautioned Delhites to be very careful in future as their complacency might cost their lives adversely.

He said that Delhi will witness immense surge in Covid 19 cases ahead therefore exercising restrain in moving out n obeying all regulations is the only way out to safeguard ourselves. Arvind Kejriwal was speaking to the reporters today.

Patting himself n his government Arvind Kejriwal said that they have increased testing in Delhi n it has been possible because of the successful home isolation programme. Distribution of pulse Oximeters too played an extremely pivotal role in lessening the death rates and enabling rapid recoveries.

It may be recalled that in Delhi there are total about 1lakh 14 thousand cases with 3412 Covid 19 fatalities. However the recovery rate has been extremely satisfactory with about 91,312 patients cured out of the total 1,13,740 infections, leaving behind merely 19000 actives cases.


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  1. Kejriwal is now taking credit of Amit Shah’s hardwork.
    However number of covid cases may rise according to AIIMS doctors. Some international experts claim that a new round of Covid will start in November.
    Sir please stay at home. Wishing good health n happiness to all
    Good luck n best wishes

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