Mayavati demands President’s rule n Chidabmram wants Sachin to mend himself, Gehlot says he’s welcome back home

While the Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot is still fully geared up to take on his rebel Sachin Pilot stringently, still accusing him of hobnobbing with the BJP to topple his government and equating him with Jyotiraditya Scindia, the former UP CM n BSP supremo Mayavati after the pause of few months has today come out openly against the Congress party accusing it as the party believing in betrayels n backstabbing and questioned the Gehlot government for arbitrarily tapping the phones of political leaders thus committing an unconstitutional and illegal act including encouraging horse trading in Rajasthan n for the second time betrayed the BSP by defecting the BSP legislators in Congress.

While strongly condemning the arbitrary act of change of parties n horse trading in Rajasthan BSP supremo demanded imposition of President’s rule in the state. While tweeting twice, in the second tweet Mayavati wrote: In view of the incessant political instability, intercine squabbles n instability in the government, the governor should take the congnizance of the critical situation and recommend for imposition of president’s rule in Rajasthan so as to save the state going towards anarchy.

In the first tweet BSP supremo Mayavati had accused Congress of encouraging political instability n horse trading in the state by defecting BSP MLAs into Congress’s fold for the second time n now the whole world knows they have committed yet another blunder by illegally n unconstitutionally tapping the phones.

Minutes after BSP supremo Mayavati’s attack on the Congress, the party responded saying that she was a MAJBOOR NETA ( HELPLESS LEADERS) who had certain compulsions, fears n apprehensions which have resulted the compelling her to issue these frustrated statements. Mayawati’s anger against Gehlot had been simmering since all the six BSP MLAs who’d won in the state elections have left the party n joined the Congress.

IN THE MEANWHILE the Bhartiya Janata Party spokesman n leader Sambit Patra posed several questions to Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot and asked about illegally n unconstitutionally tapping the phones of opposition party leaders by encroaching upon their constitutional right to privacy without seeking an proper permission.

HE OUTRIGHTLY QUESTIONED the chief minister of following standard operating procedures accusing him of getting the phones of opposition leaders tapped without any proper constitutional procedure n obligation. The Bhartiya Janata Party trying to come clean in the entire episode has demanded a thorough CBI enquiry into the entire imbroglio.

Earlier in AN INTERVIEW TO a television channel Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot has blamed both BJP and Sachin Pilot of internally collaborating and trying to topple his government since first week of june.

HE said that Sachin do not has thirty MLAs support but merely 10 to thirteen lawmakers are with him. Feeling tremendously confidence Ashok Gehlot added that his government is extremely strong with the strength of 109 MLAs. Despite all odds he however welcomed Sachin Pilot and his rebel Congress MLAs to join the Congress as they are all welcome with open arms. The senior Congress leader n former finance minister P Chidamram too met Sachin Pilot and advised him to give up his arrogance n join the party fold, feeling completely free n confident maintaining the status quo. He assured that the party will not at all keep in mind anything about their revolt n will forgive n forget it

The former finance minister also assured of adjusting him in the national party set up i.e. AICC probably with a post of general secretary elevation, forgetting about the pre positions held by him in Rajasthan of deputy CM etc.

It is believed that Sonia, Rahul n Priyanka want Pilot not to go the Jyotiraditya Scindia way further harming the Congress in Rajasthan as the BJP’s top leadership with the help of Jyotiraditya Scindia are leaving no stone unturned to bring him in the saffron party’s fold. However, what happens next is still not known.


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