More than 135 killed n five thousand grievously injured in Beirut

While Lebanon was undergoing Covid 19 lockdown a massive explosion took place in Beirut today killing more than hundred n thirty five people and grievously injuring about four thousand people with hundreds running terrifically helter n skelter profusely bleeding. About two hospitals situated near the explosion site have been completely destroyed including other properties, razed to the ground.

The explosion caused by Ammonia Nitrate n other chemicals used in fertilizers which was stored on the banks of the sea in a huge building after having been captured from the Russians while their ship illegally entered the Lebanon’s territory in Beirut port six years ago, creating havoc after the massive explosion the sound of which were heard about three kilometres away with splinters injuring hundreds of residents n passers by. About two thousand seven hundred n fifty ton of Hydrogen nitrate exploded probably due to some ignition or fire.

The police, local residents, disaster management personnel etc are busy retrieving the dead bodies n grievously injured below the rubble ferrying them to the nearby hospitals. According to the latest news the governor of of Beirut that about three billion dollars would be required to built the completely damaged areas including other support to the distressed families.

Lebanons’s economy was already in doldrums with the country running in heavy fiscal deficit n large scale unemployment. There is panic all around in Beirut n Lebanon with people earlier speculating it a strong terrorist attack. There is every possibility of the death figure going several times high.


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  1. Not surprising ! Lebanan has a long list of US designated terror groups operating on its soil including AlQuida and several terror groups from Iran, Turkey and other Arab Islamic nations. All these groups can do is creating war zones and ravaged countries

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