Nepal trying to woo villagers of Kalapani, Pithoragarh on China’s instigation n backing reveals a media report

While the Indo China stand off at the eastern Ladakh LAC still continues despite incessant efforts through dialogues between both the Asian giants at the military and diplomatic levels, including the recent high level political meetings between the defence n foreign ministers of India and China in Moscow on the sidelines of Shanghai Cooporation Organisation summit , the expansionist China is still trying to unsuccessfully provoke India by its deceitful acts of grabbing Indian territories individually as well as by way of instigating n excessively financing the two SAARC nations Pakistan and Nepal, one from the POK side by amassing its Army, arms n ammunition in abundance directed towards India n creating disturbances in Kashmir valley – on the other hand it’s motivating n encouraging Nepal to allegedly capture three Indian villages adjoining the Kalapani region in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand by allegedly wooing the Indian villagers through illegal gratification, greasing their palms with good money n other means in order to shift their loyalties to Nepal n become their permanent citizens thus enabling them to encroach upon Indian territory.

This startling disclosure was made by a Deccan Chronicle report of Hyderabad dated September 13 going viral in social media with people expressing their shock n serious concern condemning the act of Nepal government, a nation which has always been supported n patronised by India during the last seventy years always coming to their rescue during their thick n thin.

According to the DC report, this latest move by Nepal when its Army is fully assisting the Chinese PLA to expand its military bases close to Mount Kailash, China seems to be behind the latest move by Nepal which is seen as a quid pro quo arrangement between the neighbours. This is not new what is happening in Pithoragarh Kalapani, notorious China had in the past too, a year ago entered our airspace illegally when their Army helicopters were viewed in the Barahoti areas of Uttarakhand in Chamoli n their open claim on Arunachal n Sikkim territories showing them in China MP illegally.

The inhabitants of three Indian villages namely Kuti, Gunji and Nabhi which are situated just few kilometres away from Nepal territory in Kalapani, Pithoragarh have been approached by some spies or agents of Nepal promising them tons of money, citizenship of Nepal, land n houses in case they agree to accept their proposals to come on the side of Nepal reveals the DC report.

These agents have been trying to convince the villagers to become Nepalese citizens at the behest of China who are ready to pump in enough money to be paid to these villagers but patriotic Indian citizens of these villages numbering about 850 have flatly refused to this Nepalese proposal and are contemplating to write to the centre about their Indian loyalty at all costs assuring that come what may, they will never shift they loyalty towards Nepal.

According to the Deccan Chronicle’s in-depth report : After the Nepalese government has allegedly claimed Kalapani as its own territory, the China backed Nepal under the directions from the dragons have increased its activities to woo the Indian villagers of these three villages with money, land, house n Nepal citizenship allurements manifold.

What is more important here is Nepal has left its territory, people n villages along the trijunction between Indo Nepal n China at the full disposal n mercy of the Chinese forces who supply food n other essentials to win over the villagers in addition to the Chinese PLA controlling several internal villages of Nepal.

The report adds that all these three Indian villages of Kalapani are situated at the height of 10 thousand feet who share the Roti Beti relationship with the Nepalese villagers of Kalapani visiting each other houses n even having marital relationships since ages including business relations.

However after the Covid 19 pandemic the Indo Nepal border was sealed with people interacting with each other on mobile phones using Nepal telecom Sim cards. This important report have indeed send an alert messages going viral in social media as to how expansionist China is misusing Nepal using it as a pawn as it’s using Pakistan to capture Indian territories n create internal disturbances in Kashmir.

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