New twists n turns in SSR n Disha Salian’s alleged suicides !

The SSR mysterious suicide case is taking new twists n turns daily with new n new persons coming into picture with fresh interrogations and hectic grilling by India’s premier investigating agency CBI alongwith enforcement directorate n the Narcotics Control Bureau investigating officers.

After prolonged investigations of about three months (after the Bollywood actor’s alleged suicidal death by hanging n five days ago of his secretary Disha Salian by jumping from her multi storey apartment in Mumbai) , by Mumbai police first and later on by CBI, ED n NCB, these investigation agencies have so far not come to any definite conclusion regarding the murderous deaths of SSR n Disha Salian, though the serious investigations are still going on.

However, till now a serious n confirmed drugs’ angle has definitely erupted with the NCB officers this morning at 6.30 AM intruding into the house of both Showik Chakravorthy n Samuel Miranda and conducting rampant search operation to procure evidence pertaining to drugs n supposed other angle leading them to a definite clue. BOTH Samuel n Showik have been issued notices under section 67 of NDPS to join the investigations after the agency found a new n definite drugs’ angle allegedly sure of their direct involvement in it.

The car of Showik Chakravorthy was also investigated thoroughly apart from his house search. The NCB officials recovered some electronic gadgets as well. Both Showik and Samuel Miranda allegedly connected with the drugs angle probably selling them etc have been taken in the NCB vehicles and are still being deeply interrogated since early morning say the news reports.

It is believed that the NCB had definite clues n evidences of Rhea Chakravorty Showik and Samuel Miranda involved in the drug deals after seeking clues from the arrested drug peddlers by the NCB n several chats in whatsapp.

It may be recalled that the narcotics control Bureau had already registered an FIR against Rhea, her brother Showik n others, after finding their chats in their mobile WhatsApp under the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985 under which there is a provision of imprisonment from 6 months to seven years which can further be extended to ten years at the most.

Meanwhile, as per the latest media reports the Central Bureau of Investigation has also commenced investigations in the SUICIDAL death of Disha Salian in order to find if any connection between both the deaths through suicides within a gap of five days.

It may be recalled that the former secretary n friend of SSR Disha Salian is reported to have allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the fifth floor of her apartment after the party in her house in Mumbai in the night on 9th June and Sushant committed the suicide on 14th June.

The CBI is trying to find if there is any connection between both the suicides as both knew each other.

In social media there had been tremendous posts pertaining to these suicides allegedly terming them as mysterious deaths seeing a foul play.

Initially both the investigations were handled by the Mumbai Police having unambiguously termed Disha Salian’s suicide as a genuine case of commiting suicide with her parents also seeing no foul play, despite suspicions raised from various quarters.

Similarly in SSR’s case the Mumbai Police which was the target of umpteen n repeated criticism from SSR’s million of fans and family members of not taking it seriously n not able to come to any definite conclusion even after 45 days of investigation, SSR’s anguished father requested the Bihar CM Nitish Kumar to hand it over to CBI as he foresees a murder angle in his son’s brutal death.

The Bihar government recommended it to the centre with the BJP government agreeing to give it to CBI finally stamped by the supreme court.

The traumatic sister of SSR Sweta Singh Kirti living in US, had in the meanwhile launched a campaign called “CBI for SSR” after the Mumbai police n Maharashtra government was not agreeable to the centre’s decision of CBI enquiry in this case.

Her twitter campaign was followed by more than eleven lakh twitter account holders worldwide demanding CBI enquiry in her brother’s suicidal death.

Meanwhile, CBI officers in informal chatting with mediamen said that they still could not find a definite murder angle in SSR’s suicidal death though they are still trying to find the truth behind this tragedy.

However, the drugs angle has definitely been unearthed in the case. The CBI is also grilling the owner of Corner stone the company in which Disha Salian worked say news reports in order to go into the depth of Salian’s suicide reality.

Featured image : IANS


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