No hope of job creation and safe future of youth anytime soon : Rahul Gandhi

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi is losing no opportunity to criticize the prime minister Narendra Modi n his government on issues pertaining to India China face off at eastern Ladakh LAC to the Covid 19 massive surge in India going beyond 90 thousand cases daily with its total tally crossing 44.65 lakhs including nearly 93000 mortalities, thus beating Brazil taking its position as the number two nation globally, after US.

Not a day is left when Gandhi family scion forgets to challenge the BJP led government n its chief political CEO on the serious implications of Covid 19 on peoples’ health n subsequent devastating economy due to the alleged incompetence of the ruling political dispensation at the centre.

Recently Rahul Gandhi had posted some of his earlier vedios combined together in one, in social media to accquaint the countrymen as to how due to the present government’s inefficiency n the incompetence in the ongoing pandemic times, the graph of unemployment is terribly going down with shattering confidence of small n medium businessmen including the lowest GDP growth in the last 24 years etc.

While his party is facing internal strife between the old leaders n the young turks, with the AICC reconstituted just yesterday paving the way for his re election as the 135 year old party, after 6 months, Rahul Gandhi on his part has been quite enthusiastically active in the social media giving n unambiguous impression of strongly n effectively countering the digital efficacy of the saffron party whose IT media cell is reported to be fully equipped with IT professionals throwing a formidable challenge to Congress by its fully trained and active staffers associated with the widespread social media network.

However Rahul n general secretary Priyanka Gandhi, including other leaders’ incessant timely response and adequate coverage via social media has infact posed a massive challenge to the saffron party as of now. Meanwhile in his latest facebook post n on his twitter handle Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has, while taking the full advantage of the Unilever CEO Alan Jope’s statement related news with a title that India’s Covid graph is worrying has written: One of the India’s biggest employers is in “wait and see” mode since Covid cases are rising.
So no hope of job creation n safe future of youth anytime soon.
Yet another outcome of Modi government’s sudden and unplanned lockdown which has snow balled India’s already precarious economy.


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