One more suicide of a Bhojpuri actress in Mumbai shocking Bollywood fraternity

The last six months since March after the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown commenced though relaxed now, to a great extent, the life of the citizens had almost come to a halt or at snail’s pace. There have been frustration and psychological breakdown in families, youths, old aged and even women especially those who’d become unemployed, lost their jobs or work in private sector and field of art, theatre, films, TV serials etc.

The construction workers had been the worst sufferer during the pandemic lockdown but are gradually coming to terms after the construction activities commenced in the country. While thousands of people died of pandemic with over nineteen lakhs infected at the pan India level, the Bollywood n television industry n regional films as well, had been the worst victims with number of suicides taking place in Mumbai n South India n several other states of the country as well.

In the absence of roles in films, Bollywood n regional movies n television serials since the last six months while the affluent n established actor’s n producers survived comfortably but the rising stars n those still struggling including actors of small screen are confronting lots of complacense, frustration and dark future with their reserve money being finished and no concrete proposal in the offing. These incessant hardships leading to an unknown bleak future makes some of them go under depression n thereafter leading to such drastic suicides.

Just today the latest news reveal’s about the tragic death of a Bhojpuri actress in Mumbai who committed suicide by hanging to the ceiling fan at her house due to paucity of money n distressing financial mess, sending shock waves across the entire Mumbai film industry.

Anupama Pathak’s suicide by hanging to the ceiling fan in her house would be the fifth suicidal death in Mumbai with all hailing from acting fraternity.

Bhojpuri actress Anupama’s suicide death comes two month after celebrated young actor Sushant’s controversial suspected death by hanging to the ceiling fan in his Bandra flat on June 19 was reported. Just five days before, Sushant’s former secretary ( which Sushant Singh has allegedly claimed not being his secretary ever) Disha Salian had allegedly committed suicide by jumping/ falling from her multi storeyed apartment in Mumbai on June 9th. There are news of another TV actor Manmeet Grewal having committed suicide.

However, under similar circumstances probably frustrated due to little work n being ill with no one to look after, another brilliant actor of Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thee etc Sarin Sharma who was 44 year old had committed suicide in his Mumbai house’s kitchen by hanging to the ceiling fan n the latest suicide by a Bhojpuri actress.

A month ago or so a young Southern actor had also committed suicide sending shock waves in southern states of the country. Bhojpuri actress of films n TV serials Anupama was forty years old and the police has confirmed it as a clear cut suicide case commited by her in her Mira Road rented house.

It is believed that she was in tight financial condition who was betrayed by somebody having posted a post in her Facebook claiming that there is no friend who could really help her. It is also learnt that someone has taken her two wheeler n was not returning to her.

According to the police the suicide was committed on Sunday. It may be recalled that till date all the suicides committed in Mumbai by Disha Salian, Sushant Singh Rajput, Manmeet Grewal, Samir Sharma n Anupama Pathak, all except Salian were actors who’d died by committing suicides as per the police’s version.

The actor Sushant Singh n Salian suspected suicide cases are under active investigation with the Central Bureau of Investigation n the Enforcement Directorate probing the cases deeply. The CBI has already registered the FIR against Sushant’s former girl friend Rhea Chakraborty n her family members, brother n father, Shruti Modi, manager of the actor n one more friend.

The ED had summoned Rhea today but despite coming there and after being interrogated at ED’s Mumbai office she said that the details of the money used to purchase to two prime properties would be given after Supreme Court’s next hearing . Meanwhile, the enforcement directorate has also issued summons to her bother n family members.

The ED officers investigating the sensitive suspected suicide death of Sushant Singh Rajput has unearthed two purchases of expensive properties in Mumbai by Rhea n family n want to enquire the details about the huge amount spend on buying these two residential properties by Rheas’ family.

The father of Sushant Singh Rajput, KK Singh had filed an FIR in Patna allegedly accusing Rhea of her complicity in his son’s suicidal death n siphoning of a huge amount in crores from his bank account etc.

The Bihar Police has also returned back from Mumbai n have handed over the details of investigations conducted by them while in Mumbai few days ago.

Meanwhile the Bihar IPS officer who had allegedly been forcibly quarantined in Mumbai had returned back to Bihar having lots of complaints n reservations against Mumbai police for harrasing him.

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