Pathogen beyond control, beats Brazil. US too, in terms of daily surge

After having crossed the fifty lakh mark in terms of Covid 19 infections at the pan India level with India beating Brazil, gaining second position in the world after United States of America, expeditiously ascending upwards with over 96 thousand cases daily, it has now become absolutely unambiguous that not only, has the ruling party government failed to control and effectively counter this dreaded pathogen but the people at large have also not responded satisfactorily, abiding by the anti Covid regulations n precribed precautions.

It is also a record that about 1,284 new fatalities have been observed during the last 24 hours with India accounting for nearly one- sixth of the total cases of this dreaded pathogen worldwide since the outbreak of Covid 19 in China where primarily the genesis of this disease lies.

The mutiple n expeditious spike in Covid 19 cases with twenty five member of parliament detected with Covid19 infections on the first day of monsoon session makes the situation even more worse with no sign of the pathogen receding in the days to come.

If one goes by the Worldometer report the seven days average of daily cases in India stands at 93,334, even beating the US in terms of daily contractions of 69,373 cases.

The states like Maharashtra, ( Mumbai) Tamilnadu, Delhi, Karnataka etc have registered an uncontrollable, multiple surge in cases adding to the massive national tally of 5,07,914 cases, with no hope of the cases receding in the near future.

However, in terms of testing , the country has made massive improvements increasing them from 7, 80, 000 to 11 lakhs in the last thirty days says a media report.

Keeping in view the massive surge in cases, the only hope lies on the Covid 19 vaccines which according to the health minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, would be ready for vaccination in the first quarter of 2021, though there are still speculations of several other vaccines currently being under human trials worldwide, coming into existence.

There are about 150 pharmaceutical companies actively invovled in inventing the anti Covid vaccine globally with China n Russia claiming to have already devised the vaccine one being Sputnic V.

US, Germany, Brazil, UK, India etc are some countries where the work is expeditiously underway with two stage human trials having been completed n stage three trial in progress.

In India the Hyderabad based Biotec, Caddila n Seerum Institute in Poona, etc are actively involved in devising Covaxin n Zydus Cadilla vaccine as revealed by the union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan.

Meanwhile the former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has criticized the BJP government for having failed to counter Covid 19 effectively including the declining economy of the country. He has posted his brief view in social media in Hindi making mockery of the saffron party govt n its leaders :

The BJP government had in Corona phase have built a castle in the air:

  1. Will defea Corona in21 days.
  2. Arogya setu app will secure people
  3. Package of 20 lakh crore
  4. Become Self reliant
  5. Nobody has entered at LAC
  6. The situation is under control

But there was a truth also
“Opportunities” under the guise of Pandemic # PMCares


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