PCI writes to Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu to revoke sacking orders of 37 mediamen of RSTV

The ongoing pandemic has claimed infinite number of lives making hundreds of thousands of people jobless due to the lockdown imposed and so were the journalists, the torch bearers of democracy, representing the fourth important pillar, abruptly asking them not to come on jobs from next day.

There have been reports of several media houses, print as well as electronic channels allegedly taking away jobs of scribes at the pan India level making the lives of journalists, employees and their families trouble torn.

The recent case pertains to about thirty seven media employees including journalists of Rajya Sabha television whose jobs have been snatched away putting them in the state of immense financial jeopardy.

The press Council of India have intervened in several cases of journalists going unemployed during these pandemic days terming this arbitrary action as inhuman and distressing seeking the explanations from the media house owners.

Rajya Sabha Television is a government enterprise holding good reputation with its mediamen n employees having worked dedicatedly n with sincerety before n during pandemic days accompanying reputation n credible prestige and journalistic acountability.

The journalistic fraternity of the country is immensely concerned over the arbitrary decision of media houses for snatching tbe jobs of mediamen n employees putting them and their families in immense financial jeopardy, demanding immediate revocation of their termination orders.

The senior journalist and member of the Press Council of India has written a strong letter to the deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha n Vice President M. Venkaiya Naidu urging him to revoke the sacking orders of 37 mediamen of Rajya Sabha TV, today.

PCI member Anand Prakash in his letter to vice president said: He is pained to learn about the orders of the Rajya Sabha management to sack 37 journalists n employees working in Rajya Sabha TV.
This arbitrary action can’t be vindicated as a justifiable decision from any angle.

He reminded that during the ongoing pandemic, prime minister Narendra Modi had appealed to the private sector not to sack any employee from the job during or after the lockdown.

It is sad to learn that despite the prime minister’s instructions, the Rajya Sabha TV has sacked 37 employees putting them in immense financial jeopardy.

It is surprising that when the owners of small n medium industries etc are trying to continue employment or re employing their employees settimg an unique example , the policy makers of Rajya Sabha TV are sacking mediamen n its employees thus eroding the human values n ethical norms.

The Press Council of India has been seeking explanations from the private media houses for sacking their employeess n mediamen during the lockdown but are aghast to see that the Rajya Sabha TV management n policy makers have sacked the jobs of thirty seven journalists which was beyond anyone’s belief.

In his letter PCI member Anand Rana said , when the journalistic values are being eroded, the Rajya Sabha TV scribes had worked hard n with dedication n sincerety to set reputed journalistic standards and attained prestige for RSTV but unfortunately inspite encouraging n pattung them, the management has arbitrarily sacked thirty five mediamen.

The Press Council of India request’s the hon’ble vice president n deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha M Venkaiya Naidu to intervene in this crisis and revoke the sacking orders of all the journalists n employees of Rajya Sabha TV with immediate effect n give them justice, demanded journalist n member PCI Anand Rana.


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