Priyanka invites’ Baluni for tea with wife n he reciprocates dinner with Uttarakhand’s traditional delicacies

Sounds interesting and reflects the decency of hospitality when two leaders of diametrically opposite ideologies invite each other over tea n dinner despite the hard fact that one is compelled to vacate her spacious house n the other likely to occupy it. Yes I am talking about the popular Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi and the Rajya Sabha MP n the national media chief n spokesman of Bhartiya Janata Party who has just a few months ago returned to Delhi from Mumbai after being treated of Cancer. CURRENTLY Anil Baluni, RS MP is living in his 20 Gurdwara Road residence. It’s indeed an example of decency that the General Secretary of Congress Priyanka Gandhi who on 27th July invited BJP’s national media in-charge n MP for tea at her residence along with his wife by sending an invitation, the latter, RS MP Anil Baluni too reciprocated in a similar decent way by writing a precise letter in Hindi addressed to her saying : Acknowleged you letter. AM GRATEFUL. Perhaps you might not be knowing that I have returned to Delhi after the treatment of Cancer n as per the advise of the doctors I have to live in isolation for some more time. You’ve invited me for tea.

I am thankful for this kindness. After shifting to Lodhi Road bungalow I will invite you along with your family to dinner at my residence where you will be served the delicious traditional food of Uttarakhand like Chapaties of MANDUVA, JHANGURE KI KHIR, PAHAADI RAYTA, CHUTKANI OF BHATT, etc Grateful to u again for cordially inviting me.

THIS invitation letter has gone viral in social media. Meanwhile perhaps after knowing about the ill health of Rajya Sabha MP Anil Baluni, Priyanka Gandhi spoke to him n his wife and enquired about his health. Priyanka Gandhi today tweeted in Hindi about this gesture : Spoke to Anil Baluni n his wife today. I pray to Almighty for his sound health and well being. While congratulating him for his new house I hope that he also acknowledges the same amount of happiness in this house which me n my family experienced.

It may be recalled that Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi has been officially asked to vacate her 35 Lodhi Estate Bungalow by the urban Development ministry latest by 31st July after she was divested of the SPG security on the basis of which she was allotted the 35 Lodhi Estate Bungalow in 1997.

The Congress leaders had accused the BJP government of being politically vindictive against the Gandhi family n Priyanka Gandhi. This spacious bungalow was allotted to first time Rajya Sabha MP n national media in-charge Anil Baluni close to PM Narendra Modi n HM Amit Shah. He was suffering from Cancer and was admitted in a Mumbai hospital for several months being treated through chemotherapy etc.

He returned to Delhi a month or two ago n has been advised by doctors to be in isolation for few more days, especially in view of the ongoing pandemic.


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