Priyanka’s decision to shift to lucknow enhances morale of UP Congress leaders n workers

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will now live in Lucknow permanentally instead of Delhi. Speculations are agog that Priyanka is determined to revive the Congress in Uttar Pradesh from the grass roots, the main power centre of the country. Priyanka Gandhi would be living in the house of the former Uttar Pradesh governor Shiela Kaul who was also her late grandmother fmr PM Indira Gandhi’s maternal aunt.

The work of the facelift of this prime property in Lucknow is under process where former prime minister Indira Gandhi had stayed thrice on different ocassions alongwith Priyanka Gandhi during her childhood days. Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi was also accorded a warm reception in this prestigious bangalow when he visited Lucknow several decades ago. Gandhiji too lived here during his Lucknow visit.

The entire Congress party organisation n workers are quite enthused and in a jubilant mood after hearing this authentic news about their popular leader’s permanent stay in Lucknow n posters praising her leadership have also been pasted in various parts of Uttar Pradesh including Lucknow lauding her Lucknow arrival.

Congress general secretary n Incharge of Uttar Pradesh Priyanka Gandhi has received notice of eviction from ministry of Urban development asking her to vacate her Delhi Lodhi Estate  bungalow latest by 31st July.

She was occupying this official bungalow from the high security point of view since the year 1997 but a year ago her SPG  security cover was withdrawn by the NDA government after a thorough review of security perception and was put under Z plus security cover.

According to news floating in, not only she but her mother Sonia Gandhi , her brother Rahul Gandhi were also withdrawn of their SPG security cover n all brought under CRPF Z plus security.

As per rules now Priyanka after losing SPG cover is not entitled for this Lodhi Estate lavish accomodation for which she was paying the monthly rent of Rs. 37 thousand. Priyanka had also cleared Rs. 3. 26 lakhs pending against her as pointed by the Urban development department.

Priyanka who joined active politics after tremendous reluctance on the repeated requests of the partymen, her mother Sonia Gandhi n Rahul was appointed as General Secretary of Congress by her brother just before the national elections with the charge of Eastern Uttar Pradesh along with Jyotiraditya Scindia as the General secretary incharge of Western UP.

However, badly annoyed with the Congress leadership in view of Kamalnath’s elevation as the CM of MP Scindia defected to BJP demolishing Congress government in MP with 10 of his supporters elevated as ministers in BJP’s state government.

Priyanka Gandhi worked tirelessly in UP during the national elections and even there after till date putting BJP is tight spot on several ocassions during the ongoing pandemic crisis.

As a determined  general secretary, working hard n tirelessly, especially in Uttar Pradesh posing a straight challenge to the Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Aditya Nath and the BJP’s central leadership, Priyanka Gandhi seems to be determined to enhance the defunct party position in Uttar Pradesh considered to be the political nerve centre of the country.

Meanwhile, the leaders of Congress viz party spokesman  Randeep Singh Surjewala, Punjab CM Amrinder Singh etc have strongly condemned the eviction notice served on Priyanka Gandhi and termed the action as politically motivated to harass n embarass the Gandhi family.

However, the deputy CM Uttar Pradesh Maurya says that Priyanka’s staying in Lucknow permanentally will have no impact in Uttar Pradesh as previous efforts of Gandhi family in UP polics have always failed since the last two decades or more. They are a gone case now claims Maurya.

Priyanka is extremely active in her organisational affairs and in Uttar pradesh politics since the day she was appointed as general sectretary of the party. Diring the ongoing pandemic especially during the lockdown she came in support of the migrant labourers n had been demanding for their free transportation, monetory n food support n employment to the hapless n poor. Just a day before she tweeted as below ridiculing the Uttar Pradesh CM for telling white lies regarding employment to the poor where as in Varanasi ( PM’s constituency) the weavers are conpelled to keep their jewels and houses on GIRVI with money lenders during the lockdown quoting the news of Nav Bharat Times.


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