Salutes to 24 year old Dev Bahadur of Gorkha regiment for his supreme sacrifice

There is yet another shocking n traumatic news for Uttarakhand n the entire country of a supreme sacrifice of a merely twenty four year old brave heart who’d laid down his precious life while protecting our borders in Leh Ladakh in the line of duty.

These young valiant soldiers safeguard our porous borders under extreme challenging n odd situations braving the inclement weather conditions and the enemy from across the border. The Leh ladakh situation is already critical since India China standoff just few days ago at Eastern Ladakh n Pangong Tso, Galwan Valley, hot springs and Ghogra etc. The Galwan valley violent clashes between India Army soldiers n the Chinese PLA has resulted in martydom of twenty dare devils of India who with their determined strong will, courage n valour killed more than forty Chinese soldiers.

The Prime minister Narendra Modi n Defence minister Rajnath Singh n Indian Army chief Navrane n the CDS chief Vipin Rawat has visited Ladakh to boost the morale of Indian soldiers n officers stationed dedicatedly at our most sensitive borders to safeguard them from any arbitrary infilteration or enemy aggression. The shocking news of the martydom of Uttarakhand Kichha Udham Singh Nagar’s merely twenty four year old resident namely Karan Dev aka Dev Bahadur belonging to Gorkha Regiment has send shock waves accross entire Uttarakhand especially in his family n the village he hailed from. Young, dashing n energetic Karan Dev aka Dev Bahadur was recruited in Gorkha regiment in 2016 and his family including the parents were very happy to see their son serving the nation n also looking after the family.

The resident of Gorikalla, Kichcha Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand twenty four year Karan Dev aka Dev Bahadur was deputed in Leh- Ladakh and was stay put in the Banbasssaa camp.

His news about the sad demise came from here and the entire family n the inhabitants of Udham Singh Nagar were in total shock. However, there is no clearity about his nature of death till yet.

It may be recalled that in Leh n Ladakh the weather is extremely inclement especially at high altitude mountain peaks n there had been several incidents of deaths of our soldiers falling in deep gorge full of snow n succumbing to bad weather while petrolling due to excessive cold. Some unconfirmed sources reveal that he had been injured in the Galwan valley clashn subsequently hospitalised n was recuperating under medical care of Army doctors.

The chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat has expressed his deepest condolences to the bereaved family of late Dev Bahadur n paid his rich tributes for his supreme sacrifice in the service of the nation.

HE TWEETED : Gorikala, Kicha resident 24 year soldier Karan Dev aka Dev Bahadur has sacrificed his life in the line of duty. I salute him hundreds of times for this supreme sacrifice n pray to God to give the bereaved family enough strength to bear this irreperable loss. The government is always standing in solidarity with the martyred soldiers families added CM Uttarakhand in his tweet. The cabinet minister of education Dhan Singh Rawat has also expressed his condolences in this regard. The deceased soldier’s elder brother was also serving in India Army n was posted in Gwalior.

It may be recalled that Indian Army is losing lots of young soldiers due to the complex situation in the strife torn Kashmir and at our borders in conflict with China n Pakistan who are in clandestine nexus n posing direct threat to India’s sovereignity and integrity. The Uttarakhand Journalists Forum salutes these brave hearts hoping that their supreme sacrifices of these dare devil brave hearts will not go in vain. Till now our brave Indian Army has killed hundreds of Pak sponsored terrorists in Kashmir and more than 40 Chinese soldiers in Galwan valley on 15th June 2020. Salutes. Jai Hind.


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