Significant n enriching interaction between India and Armenia held today

In order to strengthen bilateral relations between India and Armenia – Visions Ahead Foundation today conducted an interactive Humanitarian Webinar on Peace, Prosperity and Positive Arenas of Integrations between India and Armenia.

The Key speakers on this occasion were Dr. Sandeep Marwah of AAFT and Media Expert Mr. Onkareshwar Pandey along with leading Professionals from Armenia and World who attended and shared their views viz. Mr Hayk Grigoryan, Mr. Gabriel Armas, Mr. Vahae Ohanian, Ms. Elena Khachvankyan, Mr. Levon Rshtuni, Mr. Arin and Mr. Nehil Sharma.

According to Prof. Kavita – Vision Ahead Foundation Webinar proved to be a great learning session from experts and professionals of various domains on their significant n invaluable views on Peace, National Interest and Development alignments in times of Turbulence.

Manjul Thapliyal and Professor Kavita Thapliyal on behalf of Vision Ahead Foundation extended their gracious thank to everyone for their precious time despite the varying time zones.

According to the host of the Webinar, Mr. Manjul n Prof Kavita, this was indeed an extremely fruitful and enriching discussion as to how can they join hands mutually for positive amalgamations in the social impact sectors of Education, Culture, Cinema, Media, Law, Security and Sociology. Their Twitter hashtag is #IndiasFriendArmenia

Kindly recall that Visions Ahead Foundation has been intiated by Mr. Manjul Thapliyal and Prof. Kavita Thapliyal.

The issues were based on discussions pertaining to vital subjects viz. working together in Education, Green Schools, Culture, Cinema, Trade, Law ,Media, Infrastructure and Sociology.


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